Big Bebi®

There are no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar in all Big Bebi® products.

One third of Australian children don’t currently consume enough fruit, although whole fruit is always better, children’s digestion can get upset if they don’t have enough fibre in their diet. One way to increase their fibre is adding a little diluted fruit juice to a healthy balanced diet. Big Bebi® organic fruit drinks are made from the highest quality organic fruit juice, conveniently pre-diluted with filtered and pasteurised water and is formulated especially for children to make it a healthier choice for infants from six months of age. Big Bebi® fruit drink has the lowest sugar content of all infant juices on the market currently.

Big Bebi product range

Big Bebi®  organic fruit drinks contain only the natural sugar found in organic juice concentrate, and are pre-diluted with purified filtered water which means they contain at least 60% less sugar than regular fruit juice.

Currently there are three flavours of Big Bebi® – Apple Banana, White Grape and Apple Blackcurrant, and come in a multiple serve, ready to pour, 750ml bottle.

✔ No added sugar
✔ Fruit Drinks that use Organic Juice Concentrate
✔ Pre-diluted with purified filtered water

All of our Big Bebi® fruit drink products are, or contain:

✔ BPA free
✔ Produced using water that has been filtered and pasteurised to ensure the highest quality and safety
✔ A Tamper evident seal
✔ No artificial colours, flavours, added sugar or preservatives
✔ 100% recyclable
✔ Made in New Zealand and Australia