How To Open Bebi Drinks

Each 250ml bottle of Bebi Infant Suitable Water contains a ‘Ready to Drink’ teat which makes it easy for you to hydrate your baby ‘on the go’ or wherever you may be.

Big BebiĀ® products are as easy as unscrewing the cap carefully and pouring into the drinking device of your choice.

Before handling any foods/beverages for infants it is always advisable to wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 1

  • Firstly remove the security seal/label by removing the pre-perforated neck section of the label.
  • Remove the cap by screwing the closure anti-clockwise.
  • Remove the induction seal that covers the bottle neck (taking care to not touch the sterile teat/nipple) and replace the cap by screwing it on clockwise.

Step 2

  • Hold the bottle firmly and use your thumb as illustrated to snap off the peak uncovering the teat, again being careful to not touch the sterile teat/nipple.

Step 3

  • Squeeze the sides of the peak and pull the teat/nipple to lock.
  • Please dispose of the peak and packaging safely. Never let infants or small children play with the peak or discarded packaging.