Is your product suggesting I should formula feed my baby?

Not at all – It is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to exclusively breast feed babies until they are 6 months of age and continue to breastfeed after baby has been introduced to solid foods or until mum and baby are ready to wean. However, although most mothers in Australia start breastfeeding, 85% of babies are not exclusively breastfed until 6 months. For this reason, a convenient, and safe alternative needs to be available for these parents and babies. Most infant formulas are sold as a powder form in Australia and a suitable sterile water must be used to mix with these infant suitable formulas. Bebi Infant Suitable Water with the exclusive PoppetSafe teat/nipple on board is the only commercially available option for these parents.

Should children be having fruit juice? Isn’t it bad for their teeth and health?

Breast milk is the only food recommended for babies less than 6 months of age. After 6 months of age, it is recommended to introduce fruit, vegetables, proteins and grains slowly following feeding guidelines. In Australia, only one third of children consume enough fruit and vegetables, of which half is consumed as juice. Big Bebi ® is simply trying to offer children a better choice when their parents choose to give them fruit juice. There are no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar in all Big Bebi® products.  Our organic fruit drinks contain only the natural sugar found in organic juice concentrate, and are prediluted with purified filtered water which means they contain 60% less sugar than regular fruit juice.

While the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating considers juice as part of the fruit food group, the Dietitians Association of Australia, recommend limiting juice to 125ml per day and try diluting juice. One serve of a Big Bebi® fruit drink is prediluted with water and provides less than 125ml of fruit juice per serve.

Does your product contain BPA?

No – all of our products (including the bottle) contains no BPA (Bisphenol-A), Phthalates, Nitrosamines or Siloxanes. Additionally, both the closure and teat/nipple are all made from FDA approved food grade material. Parents can feel confident that they are offering a safe feeding solution to their babies.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Absolutely! At Bebi, we pride ourselves on supporting the environment around us. That’s why the packaging on any Bebi Infant Suitable Water or Big Bebi® infant drink is 100% recyclable in all current recycling systems.

How is your Bebi® drink made?

Our Bebi Infant Suitable Water and Big Bebi ® fruit drink products have to meet the highest commercial standards possible before they find their way to our families. First, every product is thoroughly pasteurised to ensure all microorganisms are effectively eliminated. After the pasteurisation process has been completed, our products are then placed on a hygienic, sterile, commercial filling line for bottling.

Do I need to boil Bebi Infant Suitable Water?

No, parents never need to boil our Bebi Infant Suitable Water. Due to our completely sterile bottling process, Bebi Infant Suitable Water is always ready to use.

The Australian Government has recently reviewed their infant feeeding guidelines. Please refer to the link here for more information.

The Infant Nutrition Council provides some safe recommendations around the safe preparation, storing and handling of infant formula. Please find the link here:

I want to mix my formula with your Bebi Infant Suitable Water but I only need 200ml of water?

No problem! Bebi Infant Suitable Water can help you prepare the perfect formula mix, no matter how much water you need. Simply use the Bebi Infant Suitable Water indicator level on the side of the bottle to find the exact water level you need for your formula mix. Parents love the convenience of mixing their preferred formula with Bebi Infant Suitable Water!

What is the best way to serve my Bebi Infant Suitable Water and formula to my infant?

Bebi Infant Suitable Water is sterilised and ready to go, you can serve it to your infant as is or measure and add your preferred formula to the water, mix and then snap the protective teat cap off, pull the teat up to lock into place and you have a bottle ready to go. If you need to warm the bottle you can put the bottle in a large cup of warm water or warm it in your jacket for a few minutes to bring the water/formula to body temperature. Always test the temperature of the liquid prior to serving.

What is wrong with just boiled water in a bottle for my infant?

Absolutely nothing. Bebi Infant Suitable Water is a convenience product aimed to help save you time and provide a solution for you should you be travelling, time poor or just caught out at meal time without a sterilised bottle.

Taking the time to sterilise the bottles, the teat, and especially the water itself isn’t a chore to mums, it’s a necessity! What many mums may not be aware of, however, is that boiled water must cool completely before being mixed with formula powder. Not only does it take longer to wait for the cooling to complete, but if mums mix formula with uncooled water, many of the formula’s essential minerals and vitamins are denatured.

It’s tempting to mix it while the water’s still hot, considering how hard it can be to get out the door with an infant. This isn’t a very good idea, unless mums want to leach out the nutrition from their babe’s main food source! Using a ready to drink baby water product, such as Bebi Infant Suitable Water, gives mums the confidence they’re looking for when they worry about the safety of their formula preparation.

Can I travel on the plane with your Bebi Infant Suitable Water 250ml beverages?

The regulations with liquids etc can be confusing. So it’s good to know that the Bebi Infant Suitable Water 250ml products are your perfect travelling partner. Domestically within Australia, you are able to carry formula, water, breast milk or juice through the checkpoint as long as it is declared for inspection at security in Australia. However, all countries and airlines have different requirements. Please check with them prior to travel, as regulations do change.

Travelling to the States? Click here.

Does your product have preservatives?

No. Bebi Infant Suitable Water and Big Bebi® fruit drinks for infants are 100% natural. We have no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours in any of our products.

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