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Infant Travel Drink – Travelling on Planes

There is nothing more special than boarding a flight for a well-earned holiday to your favourite destination, hoping on a plane to fly home to visit family, or short flight to attend a special persons wedding. It’s even better when you can take your loved ones with you on these adventures.

Now, whilst travelling with children can be challenging, it can also be a breeze with a little planning before your flight. A checklist can be a lifesaver and relieve stress when it comes to packing for the family. Whether it be two people travelling or 6 people, you still need to remember the essentials. Some of those essentials for young children can be nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, some activities to keep them entertained, something for them to eat and of course water. (more…)

Infant Water Drink: Travelling In Cars

So it’s summer here in Australia and that means holidays!

Many of us travel on long journeys in the car to get to our fantastic holiday destinations.

We spend hours packing, rearranging everything in the car, packing the kids toys, bikes, their favourite teddy, the porta-cot, a few snacks, and then finally everyone hops in the car ready to go. (more…)

Hydrating Babies in Summer

With summer upon us, and the temperature gauge heating up all over the country, it’s important to remember to keep offering plenty of fluids to babies and infants as hydrating babies and children is vital to ensure their little bodies and all their organs are working at their best. (more…)

Hydration Drinks for Babies: Key Tips on Hydration

“The hydration needs of children are not that different to those of adults. However, infants and children are more susceptible to dehydration than adults. it is important to remember that:


Bebi Finalist for Food Magazine Awards

Bebi Finalist for Food Magazine Awards

Great news! Bebi Infant water is a finalist in the beverage catalogue for the 2013 Food Magazine awards! This prestigious award highlights the best of the best in food manufacturing and celebrates innovation in the industry.

The awards are on the 26th July so we will be sure you keep you posted on the results, and hopefully share some good news. Either way, we are thrilled to be nominated.

For more information on the awards and who else was nominated, Click Here.

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Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children’s Football Game

Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children’s Football Game

When you are a busy parent, with children of different ages and stages, one has Saturday morning sport, the toddler and the baby are with you, and sometimes the kids get hungry and you have to feed them on the go. If you are not a breast feeding mum, these moments can be made much easier when you have Bebi Infant Suitable Water, pre-packaged and ready to use, without having to bring extra bottles or boil water beforehand. Even if dad?s on feeding duty, he?ll appreciate the simplicity of Bebi Infant Suitable Water. Whether mixing Bebi Infant Suitable Water with your choice of infant formula for your baby, or screwing of the teat for your older toddler to hydrate at the game, Bebi Infant Suitable Water will make feeding your children quick and easy. And when the bottle is empty – The entire packaging can be recycled.

Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

When we made our flight reservations for our first holiday after having our daughter, all I was thinking about was how good it would be to get away for a few days. The closer the trip came, though, the more anxious I started getting. Would we be ‘those’ parents on the plane with the screaming, crying baby, Would her ears be okay with the change in pressure? Would we have to boil water for her bottles before we left, and then have to put dirty bottles in my nappy bag, I scoured Internet forums to see what other mums did when they travelled. I kept seeing that many mums use Bebi water for infant formula, so I decided to check it out. (more…)

Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day Easier

Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day A Little Easier

Before I had my baby, I thought my life as a stay at home mum would leave me with plenty of time to get my errands done. With visions of my curly-haired, happy toddler in my arms, we blissfully completed grocery shopping, doctor visits, and hair appointments. I’m sure you know by now, but the reality is that some days, it’s incredibly difficult to juggle productivity and a toddler all at once! One day last week, I managed to schedule myself with several errands for one afternoon. We were already running late for our first appointment, a check-up with our paediatrician. I quickly restocked my nappy bag and headed out the door. (more…)

Infant Water: A Timesaving Solution For Mums With Allergies

Infant Water: Helping Busy Mums Make It Through Spring Allergy Season

I used to think there was nothing better than springtime in Australia — surfing, touring the wineries, enjoying the beauty of the vibrant wildflowers lining the streets. But after developing horrendous seasonal allergies as an adult, my love affair with spring sadly came to a screeching halt. The same picturesque foliage that once gave me such joy now brings me nothing but sneezing and itching! Factor in the responsibilities of being a working mum and spring is now a dreaded time of year in my home. (more…)

The Best Baby Formula Water: A Simple Dining Out Solution!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water For A Relaxing Family Dining Experience

There used to be a time when dining out at our favourite restaurant was as much a part of our weekly routine as taking out the garbage or going to the supermarket. The waiters knew us by name and week after week my husband and I would slide into the same booth, casually glance over the menu, and ultimately order our “usual.” Then our son came along and dining out became a luxury of the past. We tried to make it work, but soon learned that dining out with an infant is something akin to getting a root canal. Okay, perhaps that’s a little extreme, but it can be very unpleasant to say the least! (more…)

Sterilised Baby Drinking Water: Conquer Bacteria With Ease!

Purified Baby Drinking Water: Say Goodbye To Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria are an unavoidable part of our daily lives. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, driving in the car, or just hanging out at home, you will come into contact with countless varieties of bacteria each day — no matter how many antibacterial soaps and hand wipes you use! And when it comes infants, mums will do everything they can to protect their children from those pesky little micro-organisms. Frequent hand washing — check! Shopping buggy covers and incessant warnings to keep hands out of mouths — check and check! But there’s one area that often gets overlooked when it comes to safeguarding our babies against harmful bacteria — the water your baby is drinking. This includes the water you use to mix with your child’s baby formula. (more…)

Baby Travel Drinks Simplify The Flying Experience For Mums

Baby Travel Drinks: Making Air Travel Easier For Jet Set Mums and Tots

This week, a guest post from one of our Bebi Mum?s, Caroline in Sydney ‘Before I had my son, I travelled quite often on business; and after years of experience with overhead luggage bins, recycled air, and less than stellar travel companions, I felt confident that I could easily tackle my first venture on an aeroplane with my one-year-old son. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Let’s just say there was baby vomit flying in all directions, an ill-timed onslaught of dirty nappies, and loads of crying from the both of us. By the time it was over, I was convinced I would never set foot on an aeroplane again. I figured I could get used to the idea of being a hermit if it meant I could permanently avoid the nightmare of flying with a toddler. But one thing happened between then and now that convinced me to lift my ban on air travel — I discovered the Bebi® range of baby travel drinks. My son adores their organic infant juice and purified water. Plus, we use them all the time when we’re on the go at home, so I thought just maybe it might make a difference on our next airborne adventure. (more…)

Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: Simple Lunchtime Solutions!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: A Working Mum’s Secret To A Lunchtime Picnic With Baby

Going back to work after I had my son was one of the hardest things I ever had to do — short of giving birth to him! For weeks after my return I would stare at his adorable little photo on my desk throughout the day, fighting back the tears. Everyone told me it would get better with time, and it has; but I still think about him often throughout the day and miss him terribly! His grandma (my dear Mum) even tried to surprise me once with a lunchtime picnic. While it was very thoughtful, without proper means of preparing his infant formula, we were left with a very hungry screaming baby and a stressed and disappointed mum — not exactly my idea of a fun, lunchtime getaway! They ended up leaving after a mere 15 minutes and I was even sadder than before they arrived. So we agreed to keep work and home separate by refraining from any more lunch dates until he was off the bottle. (more…)

Baby Drinking Water: Encouraging Toddlers To Keep Hydrated

Baby Drinking Water: Get Your Child Excited About Staying Hydrated

From the moment babies begin to crawl and take their first steps, they often have a fascination with water that parents find hard to resist. Kids just seem to love anything that has to do with water — swimming, playing in the sprinkler, going to the beach, and those playful bedtime bubble baths! From the first dip in a swimming pool to baby’s first bath in the big tub, those waterborne adventures definitely make for some unforgettable memories and adorable photos! But as much as most kids enjoy playing in the water, it can sometimes be another story when it comes to drinking water. While some infants and toddlers naturally enjoy drinking water, others may need a little extra nudge — and that’s okay! If you’re looking for new, creative ways to keep your child hydrated after a long afternoon of running and playing, Bebi baby drinking water and organic fruit juice drinks are a great option. (more…)

Organic Baby Juice: Reinventing A Typical Day At The Park

How Baby Juice Can Turn A Simple Day At The Park Into A Special Event

Routines are a great thing to have when you’re the mum of a young child — whether you have a typical order to your entire day or simply a bedtime ritual. Having a routine means that mums and babies know what to expect and can more easily prepare for the upcoming tasks of the day! Of course, there often comes a time when those everyday habits become slightly mundane and you’re just sort of going through the motions — even babies can get bored sometimes! That’s when it doesn’t hurt to add a little variety to spice things up a bit. For instance, if you typically take your baby to play at the park in the afternoon, why not choose a day to surprise your child with a special treat? Have snack time at the park with delicious Bebi organic baby juice drinks and infuse some excitement and anticipation into your day! (more…)

Organic Infant Juice: A Delicious Option For Active Toddlers

Organic Infant Juice: Keeping Your Future Olympian Hydrated

From tumbling classes to swimming lessons, many toddlers are beginning their quest for gold earlier than ever before! And whether or not they ever stand atop an Olympic podium, involving your child in activities that promote physical exercise is a great way to prepare them for what’s to come later in life. Plus, it’s hard to resist those adorable little leotards and swimming goggles! So when the time comes to pack up for the pool or the gym, bringing along a few containers of ready to drink organic infant juice is a great way to keep your active toddler hydrated and energized. Bebi offers a delicious range of organic infant juice that contains no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavours and colours – an ideal beverage for little athletes on the go! (more…)

Babies Drinking Water: An Easy And Safe Way To Keep Hydrated

Babies Drinking Water: Learning About Safe And Convenient Drink Options

Being a new mum is tough! With a beautiful new baby that is depending on you for all of their needs, it only makes sense that you want to do everything just right. Many new mums drive themselves crazy with worry over every little detail (if you call the paediatrician’s office more often than your significant other, we’re talking to you) – and that’s okay! After all, you’re just trying to keep your infant safe and happy. Thankfully, as a mum, you will learn all the tips and tricks as you go along; and someday soon, it will all be second nature. (more…)

Water For Babies To Drink: The Freedom To Pack Less!

Convenient Water For Babies To Drink: A Simple Solution To Over Packing

Like many mums out there, I have a very real and problematic habit — over packing! Don’t get me wrong, this has been going on for years, long before I was a mum. Does three suitcases for a two-day weekend holiday sound familiar to anyone? However, having a baby has taken this problem to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether we’re taking a quick run down the road to the supermarket or an overnight stay at grandma’s house, I seem determined to pack the entire home along with us. I never realised the extent of my awful habit until one day when my 8-month old daughter and I were scheduled to meet a friend for a quick lunch date — and it was clear I needed an intervention of some sort. (more…)

Baby Drink: A Simple Way To Conquer The Waiting Room!

Baby Drink: A Mum’s Solution To The Waiting Room Blues

Waiting rooms — just thinking about them makes me cringe! I have long been of the opinion that almost nothing good can possibly come of a room designed specifically for waiting. If they’re not brimming with screaming children, then they’re often filled with sneezing and sniffling adults — not exactly my idea of a good time. Factor in your own anxious (and possibly sick) child and a visit to the doctor’s office can leave you with a massive headache! (more…)

Safe Baby Drink: Your Key To A Successful Day At The Museum!

Safe Baby Drink: A Mum’s Guide To Surviving A Day At The Museum!

As the wife of an art teacher, I’m no stranger to the local art museums — and neither is my 2-year old son! Art-related adventures have become such an integral part of our family dynamic that I can hardly imagine life without them. Of course, we quickly learned that what was previously a simple, easy-going trip to the museum, had now become a much more complicated affair with an infant in tow. We had a lot to learn, and we had to learn it fast! The questions were endless. Is it possible to safely prepare infant formula on the go? How can we find a safe baby drink to keep him happy and hydrated while taking in all those vibrant paintings and sculptures? In time, we solved both of those problems — thanks to a super convenient and safe infant drink made by Bebi (more on that later)! (more…)

Baby Formula Solutions: Camping With Infants Made Easy!

Baby Formula In The Great Outdoors: A Mum’s Solution To Camping With Infants

As a family, we’ve always loved camping. Every year during the school holidays, we would pack our sleeping bags and tents and head for the great outdoors! Each adventure brought with it amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. So naturally, when I started a family of my own, I was determined to carry on the family tradition! After one failed attempt when my son was 6 months old, it looked as though our camping days would have to wait until he was off the bottle. Safely preparing and storing baby formula, while also keeping a curious infant from ingesting wild plants, was just far too difficult to manage. (more…)

Can Babies Drink Water? Hydrating Your Infant On The Go!

Can Babies Drink Water? Keeping An Active Child Hydrated!

In today’s technology-savvy world, families can easily become absorbed in the world of television, tablet computers and smartphones. That’s why it can be so refreshing to head outside and get active for the day. After all, it’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned day at the park! Walking, running, climbing on the playground and playing sports are all fun ways to get some much-needed exercise and spend quality time with the kids. And if you have a little one just learning how to explore the world, a simple crawl through the grass and a ride on the baby swing may be all you need to put a smile on their face. (more…)

Baby Drinks: The Perfect Ingredient for Every Family Picnic

This week our guest blogger Karen talks about her families recent experience with the Bebi water:

“It was one of those Saturdays. Sun shining, nothing on the calendar except the odd grandparent, and the overwhelming desire to eat some delicious food. What better way to combine all these assets than by having a picnic in the park? So it was a quick jaunt to the shops to get the customary pies, strawberries, champagne and Bebi Organic Water, then pack up the kids with all their necessities, fill the hamper and get everyone out the front door. (more…)

Ready To Drink Baby Water: Safe Formula Preparation

Ready To Drink Baby Water Helps Mums Be Confident About Safe Formula Preparation

When mums choose formula for their baby’s nutritional needs, convenience is great, but even more important is safety! That’s why even though taking the time to sterilise the bottles, the teat, and especially the water itself isn’t a chore to mums, it’s a necessity! What many mums may not be aware of, however, is that boiled water must cool completely before being mixed with formula powder. Not only does it take longer to wait for the cooling to complete, but if mums mix formula with uncooled water, many of the formula’s essential minerals and vitamins are denatured. What mum wouldn’t be disappointed that the nutritional value of formula can be so easily compromised? (more…)

Safe Infant Drink: Worry-Free Refreshment

Safe Infant Drink: Making Life Easier For Mums And Babies On The Go

Every mum looks forward to the day when her infant begins to crawl for the first time, scooting their adorable little arms and legs across the living room floor. And while it is a beloved milestone, it won’t take long for the reality of this newfound mobility to sink in. Now that your infant is mobile, safety becomes more important than ever before. With so many safety issues to be concerned about, from electrical outlets to heavy furniture, the last thing a busy mum needs to worry about is whether or not her baby’s drink is safe! Bebi infant drinks are made with purified water and organic fruit juice, with no added sugar and nothing artificial. So you can easily grab one as you’re chasing your infant across the kitchen, knowing that you’re providing a safe infant drink for your precious little one!


Safe Infant Water that Babies Can Drink

Can Babies Drink Water? The Top Concerns Of A New Mum

When your first baby arrives, everything is so new and scary. A brand new baby can seem so fragile to a first-time mum that it’s easy to become paralysed with fear. During your pregnancy, you probably purchased every how-to baby book you could find in the shops, many with differing claims as to what is right for your baby. And well-meaning relatives will be bombarding you with heaps of advice – whether you ask for it or not! (more…)

Organic Baby Juice: Refreshment That Delights

Organic Baby Juice Helps Keep A Smile On Your Infant’s Face

To a mum, a baby’s smile is probably the most precious thing in the whole world. The first time your baby looks you straight in the eye and gives you a genuine smile, it’s a moment you’ll cherish forever. In fact, most mums would be content to sit and revel in their baby’s smile all day long if they could! Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have the luxury of time to do so; but offering delicious drinks, such as Bebi organic infant juice, can go a long way in keeping your infant content. And a happy baby means more smile time for mum! (more…)

Baby Organic Drink: Convenience Without The Guilt

Looking For A Guilt-Free Baby Organic Drink? Bebi Can Help!

When you’re a working mum, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by guilt. Many mums feel guilty because they can’t spend as much time with their child as they would like or because they have to take the easy way out every once in a while when it comes to meals. But you’re not alone – and you shouldn’t feel guilty! Balancing a career with all the responsibilities of caring for a baby is exhausting to say the least. There’s a reason why mums often have those dark circles under their eyes, because they are tired! The great news is that no matter how busy you are, you can provide your baby with drinks that are both delicious and convenient – a guilt-free combination! (more…)

Convenient Baby Drink: How Portable Products Can Make Your Life Easier

How Portable Products Can Make Your Life Easier

Smart mums and dads know that travelling with a baby can be a hassle, but oftentimes, they don’t want to give up the adventurous life they had before baby arrived. While it’s true that travelling with a baby takes a little more preparation than just packing up the car and hitting the road, it can be made a little easier when you use a convenient baby drink. (more…)

Smarter Happier Babies

Bebi‘s goal is to make mums and babies happy – that’s why we make such a great product for the both of you. Research suggests that happiness, along with all the obvious benefits, can free you up an hour a day. So happiness also saves you time! What a great notion: the two things we are all searching for can actually be found together!

We are also parents and grandparents, so we know all about how the happiness of the smallest family member can make all the others much happier too. Research also suggests the happier the baby, the smarter they will become. So all we need do is make the household as happy as possible, and our little ones will grow cleverer as well. And here’s a few ways we can do just that: (more…)