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Bebi Infant Beverages hit the big time!

The Bebi® ready-to-use infant drink range has won the top packaging design award from The Packaging Council of Australia.

Further to that Bebi has scored a hat trick by winning Best Beverage Pack, Best Innovation and Best of Show awards against a field of strong competition from much larger companies. (more…)

Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day Easier

Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day A Little Easier

Before I had my baby, I thought my life as a stay at home mum would leave me with plenty of time to get my errands done. With visions of my curly-haired, happy toddler in my arms, we blissfully completed grocery shopping, doctor visits, and hair appointments. I’m sure you know by now, but the reality is that some days, it’s incredibly difficult to juggle productivity and a toddler all at once! One day last week, I managed to schedule myself with several errands for one afternoon. We were already running late for our first appointment, a check-up with our paediatrician. I quickly restocked my nappy bag and headed out the door. (more…)

The Best Baby Formula Water: A Simple Dining Out Solution!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water For A Relaxing Family Dining Experience

There used to be a time when dining out at our favourite restaurant was as much a part of our weekly routine as taking out the garbage or going to the supermarket. The waiters knew us by name and week after week my husband and I would slide into the same booth, casually glance over the menu, and ultimately order our “usual.” Then our son came along and dining out became a luxury of the past. We tried to make it work, but soon learned that dining out with an infant is something akin to getting a root canal. Okay, perhaps that’s a little extreme, but it can be very unpleasant to say the least! (more…)

Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: Simple Lunchtime Solutions!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: A Working Mum’s Secret To A Lunchtime Picnic With Baby

Going back to work after I had my son was one of the hardest things I ever had to do — short of giving birth to him! For weeks after my return I would stare at his adorable little photo on my desk throughout the day, fighting back the tears. Everyone told me it would get better with time, and it has; but I still think about him often throughout the day and miss him terribly! His grandma (my dear Mum) even tried to surprise me once with a lunchtime picnic. While it was very thoughtful, without proper means of preparing his infant formula, we were left with a very hungry screaming baby and a stressed and disappointed mum — not exactly my idea of a fun, lunchtime getaway! They ended up leaving after a mere 15 minutes and I was even sadder than before they arrived. So we agreed to keep work and home separate by refraining from any more lunch dates until he was off the bottle. (more…)

Babies Drinking Water: An Easy And Safe Way To Keep Hydrated

Babies Drinking Water: Learning About Safe And Convenient Drink Options

Being a new mum is tough! With a beautiful new baby that is depending on you for all of their needs, it only makes sense that you want to do everything just right. Many new mums drive themselves crazy with worry over every little detail (if you call the paediatrician’s office more often than your significant other, we’re talking to you) – and that’s okay! After all, you’re just trying to keep your infant safe and happy. Thankfully, as a mum, you will learn all the tips and tricks as you go along; and someday soon, it will all be second nature. (more…)

Water For Babies To Drink: The Freedom To Pack Less!

Convenient Water For Babies To Drink: A Simple Solution To Over Packing

Like many mums out there, I have a very real and problematic habit — over packing! Don’t get me wrong, this has been going on for years, long before I was a mum. Does three suitcases for a two-day weekend holiday sound familiar to anyone? However, having a baby has taken this problem to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether we’re taking a quick run down the road to the supermarket or an overnight stay at grandma’s house, I seem determined to pack the entire home along with us. I never realised the extent of my awful habit until one day when my 8-month old daughter and I were scheduled to meet a friend for a quick lunch date — and it was clear I needed an intervention of some sort. (more…)

Organic Fruit Juice Drink: Saving Time In Your Busy Day!

Organic Fruit Juice Drink: A Timesaving Solution For A Mum Of Two

If you thought you were busy with one child, just wait until that second baby comes along! Prepare for your world to be turned upside down, but in a good way of course. After all, who can resist those adorable newborn baby eyes? But now you have two precious little human beings demanding your time and unwavering attention — each with their own unique needs! This means two naptimes to schedule, two mouths to feed, and two distinct personalities to entertain. Grabbing an organic fruit juice drink for your little ones as you head out the door, or keeping a few nestled in your buggy is a timesaver that any mum of two can appreciate! Bebi infant fruit drinks are a great option for mums who are looking for a tasty, organic infant juice drink without any added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. (more…)

Baby Formula Solutions: Camping With Infants Made Easy!

Baby Formula In The Great Outdoors: A Mum’s Solution To Camping With Infants

As a family, we’ve always loved camping. Every year during the school holidays, we would pack our sleeping bags and tents and head for the great outdoors! Each adventure brought with it amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. So naturally, when I started a family of my own, I was determined to carry on the family tradition! After one failed attempt when my son was 6 months old, it looked as though our camping days would have to wait until he was off the bottle. Safely preparing and storing baby formula, while also keeping a curious infant from ingesting wild plants, was just far too difficult to manage. (more…)

Can Babies Drink Water? Hydrating Your Infant On The Go!

Can Babies Drink Water? Keeping An Active Child Hydrated!

In today’s technology-savvy world, families can easily become absorbed in the world of television, tablet computers and smartphones. That’s why it can be so refreshing to head outside and get active for the day. After all, it’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned day at the park! Walking, running, climbing on the playground and playing sports are all fun ways to get some much-needed exercise and spend quality time with the kids. And if you have a little one just learning how to explore the world, a simple crawl through the grass and a ride on the baby swing may be all you need to put a smile on their face. (more…)

Convenient Baby Water Drink: For Any Holiday

Baby Water Drink: Perfect For An Autumn Holiday!

Stress is unavoidable when you’re a mum or dad, and the daily grind can leave you feeling desperate to get away for a break. Even a weekend away or a day trip with the family can help you relax, recharge, and feel ready to face anything when you get home! Not to mention, sometimes a change of scenery can really help keep your baby or toddler from getting bored with the same old places, and playing with the same toys. There are so many options for an autumn holiday, like a fun festival, outdoor sports or simply a relaxing trip in the city with food, shopping and museums. (more…)

Baby Food Products: Safe And Delicious Options

Baby Food Products: Bebi Provides Mums With Safe And Delicious Options

Remember when baby food products comprised a small section of one aisle at the supermarket? Times sure have changed, as there are now entire stores dedicated to baby products! The market is saturated with so many baby food products that it can be difficult for a mum to find those products that are safe, convenient, and taste good. It’s sort of like trying to find a hidden treasure without a map! And if you have a baby or toddler with an especially discriminate palette, the search can be even harder. Dealing with a picky eater can be exhausting, but Bebi is here to help with delicious, safe and ready to drink infant juices in flavours that even the most particular taste buds can appreciate. (more…)

Infant Water: How To Prepare Baby Formula

Infant Water: What You May Not Know About Preparing Formula

I’m a relatively new mum, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. And while I know that breastfeeding is best for my baby, for us, it simply wasn’t an option. Once I got through the initial sleep deprivation weeks (which I don’t really remember!) we got into a pretty good routine, and I started feeling comfortable taking my baby out and about. My confidence has really grown, and I feel well informed to handle almost any baby-related task that comes up at this point. (more…)

Ready To Drink Baby Water: Safe Formula Preparation

Ready To Drink Baby Water Helps Mums Be Confident About Safe Formula Preparation

When mums choose formula for their baby’s nutritional needs, convenience is great, but even more important is safety! That’s why even though taking the time to sterilise the bottles, the teat, and especially the water itself isn’t a chore to mums, it’s a necessity! What many mums may not be aware of, however, is that boiled water must cool completely before being mixed with formula powder. Not only does it take longer to wait for the cooling to complete, but if mums mix formula with uncooled water, many of the formula’s essential minerals and vitamins are denatured. What mum wouldn’t be disappointed that the nutritional value of formula can be so easily compromised? (more…)

Safe Infant Drink: Worry-Free Refreshment

Safe Infant Drink: Making Life Easier For Mums And Babies On The Go

Every mum looks forward to the day when her infant begins to crawl for the first time, scooting their adorable little arms and legs across the living room floor. And while it is a beloved milestone, it won’t take long for the reality of this newfound mobility to sink in. Now that your infant is mobile, safety becomes more important than ever before. With so many safety issues to be concerned about, from electrical outlets to heavy furniture, the last thing a busy mum needs to worry about is whether or not her baby’s drink is safe! Bebi infant drinks are made with purified water and organic fruit juice, with no added sugar and nothing artificial. So you can easily grab one as you’re chasing your infant across the kitchen, knowing that you’re providing a safe infant drink for your precious little one!


Baby Drink: Ready To Drink Baby Juice

Ready To Drink Baby Juice: A Working Mum’s New Best Friend

This week, one of our working mum’s Karen, has written a guest post….

“If you were a fly on the wall, witnessing a typical morning in my household, you might think you had landed in the middle of a war zone. And that’s okay, I wouldn’t blame you! If my toddler isn’t serenading me with ear-shattering screams or tearing holes in my panty hose, then it’s likely that some other mishap is about to occur. (more…)

Safe Infant Water that Babies Can Drink

Can Babies Drink Water? The Top Concerns Of A New Mum

When your first baby arrives, everything is so new and scary. A brand new baby can seem so fragile to a first-time mum that it’s easy to become paralysed with fear. During your pregnancy, you probably purchased every how-to baby book you could find in the shops, many with differing claims as to what is right for your baby. And well-meaning relatives will be bombarding you with heaps of advice – whether you ask for it or not! (more…)

Baby Drinking Water: Making Your Day Easier

Simplifying A Day In The Life Of A Mum

Mums are busy these days. And we don’t mean busy running from yoga class to Starbucks to a late night movie. We’re talking actually busy! When you think about a day in the life of a typical mum, it’s hard not to think about all the places your baby’s bottle will travel in one short day and the difficulties this presents in terms of keeping it sterile.

Organic Baby Juice: Refreshment That Delights

Organic Baby Juice Helps Keep A Smile On Your Infant’s Face

To a mum, a baby’s smile is probably the most precious thing in the whole world. The first time your baby looks you straight in the eye and gives you a genuine smile, it’s a moment you’ll cherish forever. In fact, most mums would be content to sit and revel in their baby’s smile all day long if they could! Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have the luxury of time to do so; but offering delicious drinks, such as Bebi organic infant juice, can go a long way in keeping your infant content. And a happy baby means more smile time for mum! (more…)

Baby Organic Drink: Convenience Without The Guilt

Looking For A Guilt-Free Baby Organic Drink? Bebi Can Help!

When you’re a working mum, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by guilt. Many mums feel guilty because they can’t spend as much time with their child as they would like or because they have to take the easy way out every once in a while when it comes to meals. But you’re not alone – and you shouldn’t feel guilty! Balancing a career with all the responsibilities of caring for a baby is exhausting to say the least. There’s a reason why mums often have those dark circles under their eyes, because they are tired! The great news is that no matter how busy you are, you can provide your baby with drinks that are both delicious and convenient – a guilt-free combination! (more…)

Convenient Baby Drink: How Portable Products Can Make Your Life Easier

How Portable Products Can Make Your Life Easier

Smart mums and dads know that travelling with a baby can be a hassle, but oftentimes, they don’t want to give up the adventurous life they had before baby arrived. While it’s true that travelling with a baby takes a little more preparation than just packing up the car and hitting the road, it can be made a little easier when you use a convenient baby drink. (more…)

Sterile Baby Drink and Our Action Mum

Sterile Baby Drink and Our Action Mum

This week we have a guest post from one of our Bebi fans:

‘School runs, little sleep, doctors appointments, christenings, birthday parties. It’s hectic being a mum, really hectic. For the first time in my life I have to be this busy. Before I could kind of choose. I was busy but because I liked to be busy, because doing things was more fun than not doing things. When you’re a mum doing things is essential and hopefully still fun. (more…)

Smarter Happier Babies

Bebi‘s goal is to make mums and babies happy – that’s why we make such a great product for the both of you. Research suggests that happiness, along with all the obvious benefits, can free you up an hour a day. So happiness also saves you time! What a great notion: the two things we are all searching for can actually be found together!

We are also parents and grandparents, so we know all about how the happiness of the smallest family member can make all the others much happier too. Research also suggests the happier the baby, the smarter they will become. So all we need do is make the household as happy as possible, and our little ones will grow cleverer as well. And here’s a few ways we can do just that: (more…)

Baby Travel: Fly with Bebi

Every time we fly, and we are reminded of the strict rules of airports. No sharp instruments, no leaving baggage and the relatively new restricted liquids rule. But at least as a busy parent you don’t have to worry so much about this issue when it comes to keeping your infant hydrated on a long flight.

Generally speaking, airport security around the world has clocked on that babies have special dietary requirements and the airlines aren’t likely to cater for them. On your part, it’s best to have a pre-mixed drink, saving the hassle of sorting this out on the go.

Flying with baby drinks still requires a bit of preparation however. The rules often stipulate you must keep these products separate from all other liquids you may have, sealed up in a 20cm x 20cm bag. So pack a smaller bag with all your infant products, which will fit in your hand luggage but can easily be kept separated. This way there should be no confusion. (more…)

Coping on the Plane

Infant travel drink and the key to a happy flight

We’ve all seen babies on planes sleeping peacefully. So, what are the problems with taking your toddlers on flights? And what can you do to help your little ones enjoy their first flights?

Well, obviously babies can be noisy, and there are bodily functions that are harder to deal with in a crowded plane cabin than in the comfort of your own home. But really, it’s not that difficult to fly with your baby. (more…)

BPA Free Baby Products

Thankfully, we now live in a health conscious age where learning about what we eat and drink is improving our lives. So, it’s easier then ever to check out what’s going into baby drinks. But to do this we need to better understand not just what should go into our toddlers’ drinks, but also learn to spot a few things that should not.

Whilst terms such as organic, filtered and purified are easy to understand, one term that isn’t always so obvious as to it’s meaning is BPA-free. So what are BPA free baby drinks? To answer this, we need to first ask, what is BPA? (more…)