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Manufacturing the Bebi Water Closure

Watch the video below to see how Australian companies Dolphin manufacturing and Bebi Drinks have collaborated to produce the Bebi Water closure – the revolutionary ready-to-go teat.

Using a completely sterile production environment, Dolphin manufacture the food grade closure for Bebi Water right here in Australia.


Big Bebi In Sipper Cups

Children begin exploring with their hands from an early age, touching and feeling textures as well as putting many of these in their mouths!

From about six months of age, many parents begin introducing fluids other than breastmilk or suitable baby formula to their infant. Parents may offer their infant water to drink, in addition to full cream cow’s milk. Giving baby water encourages extra fluid intake, especially in warmer weather or in longer periods of air conditioning. Remember to offer extra breastfeeds or suitable drinks to keep baby hydrated during these times. (more…)

Infant Travel Drink – Travelling on Planes

There is nothing more special than boarding a flight for a well-earned holiday to your favourite destination, hoping on a plane to fly home to visit family, or short flight to attend a special persons wedding. It’s even better when you can take your loved ones with you on these adventures.

Now, whilst travelling with children can be challenging, it can also be a breeze with a little planning before your flight. A checklist can be a lifesaver and relieve stress when it comes to packing for the family. Whether it be two people travelling or 6 people, you still need to remember the essentials. Some of those essentials for young children can be nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, some activities to keep them entertained, something for them to eat and of course water. (more…)

Bebi Drinks – Kids ‘Treats’ A Healthier Option

Making smart and good choices for our children is a topic that most parents feel passionate about. Parents strive every day to teach their child what is right and wrong, and want the best in life for each of them.

This is also true for making the right choices when it comes to your child’s health and nutrition. We want them to grown up healthy and happy and what we put into our bodies certainly influences this outcome. Healthy eating and being active all help to achieve the best our bodies can be. (more…)

Bebi Wins Local and Global Awards

The Bebi® ready-to-use infant drink range has won the top packaging design award from The Packaging Council of Australia. Bebi has scored a hat trick by winning:

  • Gold Medal for Best Beverage
  • Gold Medal for Best Innovation
  • Gold Medal for Best of Show

For more information on the PCA and what they do, please visit

Following on from the success at the Australian Packaging Awards, in December Bebi was awarded a WorldStar Global Packaging award in the Beverage division. Awards are based on the judges’ consensus that a pack is superior in its category and market and better in its class in execution or innovation by comparison to others.

Furthermore, Bebi Australia has also just recently been awarded Best Innovation in Packaging for Food and Beverage at Gulfood in Dubai, UAE.  Gulfood is the world’s largest food and hospitality trade show with exhibitors from around the globe.  This award recognises the true innovation that Bebi is bringing to consumers through thoughtful design, portability and convenience and a continued concern for beverage security. For further information please visit the Gulfood website.

Gulfood Awards 2013 - Winner
WorldStar Awards
WorldStar Awards



Bebi Drinks – Convenience and quality for the children we all care about!

Bebi Drinks: Win-Win-Win for Australian Innovation

One year after the launch of Bebi infant juice and water in the Australian baby beverage category, the brand’s novel packaging concept has won the country’s top packaging industry accolade, and a few other awards besides. Lindy Hughson spoke to Peter Bares, the entrepreneur and packaging technologist behind the innovation. (more…)

Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children’s Football Game

Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children’s Football Game

When you are a busy parent, with children of different ages and stages, one has Saturday morning sport, the toddler and the baby are with you, and sometimes the kids get hungry and you have to feed them on the go. If you are not a breast feeding mum, these moments can be made much easier when you have Bebi Infant Suitable Water, pre-packaged and ready to use, without having to bring extra bottles or boil water beforehand. Even if dad?s on feeding duty, he?ll appreciate the simplicity of Bebi Infant Suitable Water. Whether mixing Bebi Infant Suitable Water with your choice of infant formula for your baby, or screwing of the teat for your older toddler to hydrate at the game, Bebi Infant Suitable Water will make feeding your children quick and easy. And when the bottle is empty – The entire packaging can be recycled.

Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

When we made our flight reservations for our first holiday after having our daughter, all I was thinking about was how good it would be to get away for a few days. The closer the trip came, though, the more anxious I started getting. Would we be ‘those’ parents on the plane with the screaming, crying baby, Would her ears be okay with the change in pressure? Would we have to boil water for her bottles before we left, and then have to put dirty bottles in my nappy bag, I scoured Internet forums to see what other mums did when they travelled. I kept seeing that many mums use Bebi water for infant formula, so I decided to check it out. (more…)

Bebi Infant Beverages hit the big time!

The Bebi® ready-to-use infant drink range has won the top packaging design award from The Packaging Council of Australia.

Further to that Bebi has scored a hat trick by winning Best Beverage Pack, Best Innovation and Best of Show awards against a field of strong competition from much larger companies. (more…)

The Best Baby Formula Water: A Simple Dining Out Solution!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water For A Relaxing Family Dining Experience

There used to be a time when dining out at our favourite restaurant was as much a part of our weekly routine as taking out the garbage or going to the supermarket. The waiters knew us by name and week after week my husband and I would slide into the same booth, casually glance over the menu, and ultimately order our “usual.” Then our son came along and dining out became a luxury of the past. We tried to make it work, but soon learned that dining out with an infant is something akin to getting a root canal. Okay, perhaps that’s a little extreme, but it can be very unpleasant to say the least! (more…)

Sterilised Baby Drinking Water: Conquer Bacteria With Ease!

Purified Baby Drinking Water: Say Goodbye To Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria are an unavoidable part of our daily lives. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, driving in the car, or just hanging out at home, you will come into contact with countless varieties of bacteria each day — no matter how many antibacterial soaps and hand wipes you use! And when it comes infants, mums will do everything they can to protect their children from those pesky little micro-organisms. Frequent hand washing — check! Shopping buggy covers and incessant warnings to keep hands out of mouths — check and check! But there’s one area that often gets overlooked when it comes to safeguarding our babies against harmful bacteria — the water your baby is drinking. This includes the water you use to mix with your child’s baby formula. (more…)

Baby Drinking Water: Encouraging Toddlers To Keep Hydrated

Baby Drinking Water: Get Your Child Excited About Staying Hydrated

From the moment babies begin to crawl and take their first steps, they often have a fascination with water that parents find hard to resist. Kids just seem to love anything that has to do with water — swimming, playing in the sprinkler, going to the beach, and those playful bedtime bubble baths! From the first dip in a swimming pool to baby’s first bath in the big tub, those waterborne adventures definitely make for some unforgettable memories and adorable photos! But as much as most kids enjoy playing in the water, it can sometimes be another story when it comes to drinking water. While some infants and toddlers naturally enjoy drinking water, others may need a little extra nudge — and that’s okay! If you’re looking for new, creative ways to keep your child hydrated after a long afternoon of running and playing, Bebi baby drinking water and organic fruit juice drinks are a great option. (more…)

Organic Baby Juice: Reinventing A Typical Day At The Park

How Baby Juice Can Turn A Simple Day At The Park Into A Special Event

Routines are a great thing to have when you’re the mum of a young child — whether you have a typical order to your entire day or simply a bedtime ritual. Having a routine means that mums and babies know what to expect and can more easily prepare for the upcoming tasks of the day! Of course, there often comes a time when those everyday habits become slightly mundane and you’re just sort of going through the motions — even babies can get bored sometimes! That’s when it doesn’t hurt to add a little variety to spice things up a bit. For instance, if you typically take your baby to play at the park in the afternoon, why not choose a day to surprise your child with a special treat? Have snack time at the park with delicious Bebi organic baby juice drinks and infuse some excitement and anticipation into your day! (more…)

Baby Drink: A Simple Way To Conquer The Waiting Room!

Baby Drink: A Mum’s Solution To The Waiting Room Blues

Waiting rooms — just thinking about them makes me cringe! I have long been of the opinion that almost nothing good can possibly come of a room designed specifically for waiting. If they’re not brimming with screaming children, then they’re often filled with sneezing and sniffling adults — not exactly my idea of a good time. Factor in your own anxious (and possibly sick) child and a visit to the doctor’s office can leave you with a massive headache! (more…)