Infant Travel Drink – Travelling on Planes

There is nothing more special than boarding a flight for a well-earned holiday to your favourite destination, hoping on a plane to fly home to visit family, or short flight to attend a special persons wedding. It’s even better when you can take your loved ones with you on these adventures.

Now, whilst travelling with children can be challenging, it can also be a breeze with a little planning before your flight. A checklist can be a lifesaver and relieve stress when it comes to packing for the family. Whether it be two people travelling or 6 people, you still need to remember the essentials. Some of those essentials for young children can be nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, some activities to keep them entertained, something for them to eat and of course water.

Due to the cabin pressure and air conditioning in planes, there is a greater risk of dehydration for all travellers including children. Encouraging infants to drink will help to reduce the risk of dehydration during and after the plane trip.

These days, rules regarding fluids on planes have been tightened, however, when travelling with an infant or child you are permitted to carry sufficient food or liquid (pre-made formula or baby drinking water in bottles to be used with powder) for the trip. Security will ask for you to declare these items and they may need to test their contents. It is always best to check with your airline before travelling their requirements and restrictions.

So, how do people travel with sterile water for baby? Bebi has designed a safe and easy way to carry infant water on plane. Bebi Infant Suitable Water is filtered, pasteurised and ready to drink, or mix with any brand of powdered infant formula for your baby’s milk. No need to boil and cool first – making it very handy for babies on the go.

Most of all don’t forget to take a good sense of humour as travelling on planes with children can be both challenging and very rewarding at the same time, and at the end of the journey you will arrive to a world of fun and good times.

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