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Children begin exploring with their hands from an early age, touching and feeling textures as well as putting many of these in their mouths!

From about six months of age, many parents begin introducing fluids other than breastmilk or suitable baby formula to their infant. Parents may offer their infant water to drink, in addition to full cream cow’s milk. Giving baby water encourages extra fluid intake, especially in warmer weather or in longer periods of air conditioning. Remember to offer extra breastfeeds or suitable drinks to keep baby hydrated during these times.

From this age, some infants begin experimenting with holding a sipper cup (which is a training cup, usually plastic, with handles and a snap on lid) to assist children in the joys of finding their mouth all on their own. It can be a great way to transition from a bottle to a cup.

Parents can try filling them with Bebi Infant drinking water or pre-diluted Big Bebi organic fruit drinks and encourage them by showing them how to lift it to their mouths. Not all children will immediately grasp the sipper cup, but give it time and patience and you’ll find your baby drinking on their own in no time. If your baby doesn’t seem interested in a sipper cup, try shopping around, there are many types of cups with different handles and lids and it could be a matter of changing to find one that your infant is happy with.

A question often asked is how to encourage hydration for children and babies? What better way than test-driving a new sipper cup when your baby is ready. It’s exciting for them and reward for parents watching their children learning new skills.

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