Infant Water Drink: Travelling In Cars

So it’s summer here in Australia and that means holidays!

Many of us travel on long journeys in the car to get to our fantastic holiday destinations.

We spend hours packing, rearranging everything in the car, packing the kids toys, bikes, their favourite teddy, the porta-cot, a few snacks, and then finally everyone hops in the car ready to go.

One thing many of us forget to pack for this journey is drinking water for the infants, or even ourselves! You’re half way down the road and someone says ‘I’m thirsty’.

Travelling with babies and children in the car sometimes takes a little bit of planning, even if it’s just a trip to the local shops, they will still ask for a drink 2 minutes from home. It makes life easier with a baby if you head out prepared. But many ask how do people travel with sterile water for baby? Unless you have a kettle and electricity handy all the time to sterilise the water- and then a car fridge to cool the boiled water back down- it is a lot more convenient to purchase a filtered and pasteurised infant or baby water ready to use. Many supermarkets now sell infants drinking water, safe from birth to drink.

When driving longer distances it’s important to stop for regular breaks where you can refuel, rehydrate, stretch your legs and relax before continuing on your journey. However the best infant drink while travelling, is the one you have already with you in the car, as there is so much time to eat and drink in the car, and then when you stop you can concentrate on toilet stops and stretching your legs.

It is important to be aware of the needs of those travelling with you, especially when travelling distances with children. Feeling thirsty is generally a good indicator for adults of when your body needs more water. However babies are unable to communicate and many infants find it a difficult cue to recognise.

Car travel can dehydrate babies, especially if sleeping longer with the sun coming through the window increasing the heat in the car and the air conditioning on. Encouraging infants to drink water you have brought for them in the car will help prevent dehydration. In children over 6 months, giving baby water will help to replenish any that has been lost due to sweating. Taking your baby’s water in a bottle that can be easily squeezed into their mouth whilst travelling or if you are not breastfeeding you will need to take baby water to mix with formula when you have a chance to stop to recharge their batteries.

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