Hydrating Babies in Summer

With summer upon us, and the temperature gauge heating up all over the country, it’s important to remember to keep offering plenty of fluids to babies and infants as hydrating babies and children is vital to ensure their little bodies and all their organs are working at their best.

If you take a look around a local park soaked in the summer sun, one of the things that most nappy bags or backpacks contain is that all important bottle of water. You’ll see babies drinking water and children rehydrating after running around the play equipment as fast as their little legs can take them.

Sometimes, it can be difficult encouraging infants to drink water but it’s worth persisting especially during the summer months as they lose precious fluids through sweating in the heat.

When at the park try and locate a shady tree, a bench with shade or even bring an umbrella to attach to your pram to assist in keeping your child cooler and to prevent dehydration. It’s a great idea to attach a clean spray nozzle to your water bottle and wet baby’s face on hot days to help them stay cool.

If your baby is not breastfed, don’t forget to pack your baby water to mix with formula in a cooler bag (if your baby prefers a cooler drink) before you leave home during those hot summer days.

If you’re fortunate to live close to the beach, many fabulous days can also be spent splashing and cooling down with relatives and friends during the summer months.

When you are going to venture outside and enjoy the summer days there are just a few things to remember for your baby, infant or child:
choose the right type of clothing, use a stroller/carrier that has good ventilation, time the outdoor activities wisely, pack your drinks to keep baby hydrated, and a hat and appropriate sunscreen for skin protection.

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