Bebi Drinks – Kids ‘Treats’ A Healthier Option

Making smart and good choices for our children is a topic that most parents feel passionate about. Parents strive every day to teach their child what is right and wrong, and want the best in life for each of them.

This is also true for making the right choices when it comes to your child’s health and nutrition. We want them to grown up healthy and happy and what we put into our bodies certainly influences this outcome. Healthy eating and being active all help to achieve the best our bodies can be.

Treats are something that each child adores, whether it be reading a new book, going to play at a friend’s house or having their favourite food or drink. All celebrations and particularly children’s parties are full of special foods and it’s important for all children to feel like they can participate in this fun, without hindering their health too much.

As a parent, we like to make the choice as to what a ‘good’ treat is for our children. Fresh fruit cut up in a fun way – like cutting melon with a flower cookie cutter and sticking it onto lollypop sticks to look like little flowers, or making homemade healthy fruit pikelets or muffins, or homemade chicken breast nuggets, or meat and vegetable low fat filo pastry sausage rolls. Usually healthy treats mean homemade and extra effort. But when it comes to drinks, there is no reason you need to buy ones with artificial colours, flavour, added sugar or preservatives. Although water and milk is the natural first choice for hydrating children, a much more fun alternative is a natural fruit juice, conveniently pre-diluted with filtered and pasteurised water. Big Bebi delivers a great tasting drink that has less sugar than plain milk. It is a great way to give your child what they think is a treat and you as a parent know is natural fruit derived carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre. You can buy it ready made at the supermarket, and conveniently bottled into individual or bigger multi serve bottles. Saving you time and effort! Whether it’s a birthday party or a simple catch up with friends at the park or at home, you can rest easy your happy child is also being healthy.

As a parent, it’s important to provide drinks to keep infants hydrated. Children of all ages require adequate amounts of fluid each day for their brains and cells to function properly, what better way to treat them with a special fruit drink that provides this fluid for rehydration. To add some extra fun, blend the fruit drink with some frozen berries in a blender to make a cool and icy treat, or freeze it into ice blocks with some diced fresh fruit, for a summery surprise. These will be much healthier than any iceblock on the market. Your kids will love to help make them as well as eat them!

Treats for children can also be a special reward for positive behaviour or something they have been striving to achieve, such as a great effort on their homework, a fantastic game of soccer, or wonderful sharing with their siblings or friends.

The Bebi In-House Nutritionist

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