Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children's Football Game

Baby Infant Suitable Water: Easy To Mix While Watching Your Children’s Football Game

When you are a busy parent, with children of different ages and stages, one has Saturday morning sport, the toddler and the baby are with you, and sometimes the kids get hungry and you have to feed them on the go. If you are not a breast feeding mum, these moments can be made much easier when you have Bebi Infant Suitable Water, pre-packaged and ready to use, without having to bring extra bottles or boil water beforehand. Even if dad?s on feeding duty, he?ll appreciate the simplicity of Bebi Infant Suitable Water. Whether mixing Bebi Infant Suitable Water with your choice of infant formula for your baby, or screwing of the teat for your older toddler to hydrate at the game, Bebi Infant Suitable Water will make feeding your children quick and easy. And when the bottle is empty – The entire packaging can be recycled.
Infant Water Drink

Baby Water: How Does It Work?

If you are not breastfeeding, you’re probably used to boiling large quantities of water in order to prepare your infant’s formula. And while that process is effective, it’s also time consuming, uses energy, and creates additional washing up. When you’ve got more than one little one at home, there’s little enough time in the day without taking extra time for boiling and washing and sterilising yet another bottle. Bebi Infant Suitable Water is pre-packaged, pasteurized, sterilised water that is ready for formula, right from being first opened. Simply scoop in your formula, shake, and use the teat that comes on each bottle to feed your infant quickly (which is a blessing when your baby is having a bit of a cranky day!)

Baby Water In Your Nappy Bag

When you’re getting ready to go to your older child’s football game or practice, include a couple of bottles of Bebi Infant Suitable Water in your nappy bag. It’s a useful backup in case you forget your usual preparation of boiled water, boiled bottles, or extra teats, and we know mums don’t want to be caught unprepared when their babe is hungry! You are your kids’ loudest cheerleader: make sure your mind is on the game!

Feel Good About Your Choices

Bebi® is committed to helping mums feel good about what they feed their child. Many new mums question if boiling tap water at home is enough, if they should use spring water, or filtered water. The choice is easy when you have Bebi Infant Suitable Water, which is certified to be top quality, ready-to-consume, and completely sterile. The bottle is BPA-free, fully recyclable, and is an easy addition to any routine (especially for the busiest mums on the go!)

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