Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

Bringing Bottled Water For An Infant Onto An Airplane: Our Story

When we made our flight reservations for our first holiday after having our daughter, all I was thinking about was how good it would be to get away for a few days. The closer the trip came, though, the more anxious I started getting. Would we be ‘those’ parents on the plane with the screaming, crying baby, Would her ears be okay with the change in pressure? Would we have to boil water for her bottles before we left, and then have to put dirty bottles in my nappy bag, I scoured Internet forums to see what other mums did when they travelled. I kept seeing that many mums use Bebi water for infant formula, so I decided to check it out.Infant Water Drink

Bebi’s Bottled Water For My Infant Kept Other Passengers Happy Too

I ended up finding Bebi bottled water at my local grocery store. I read the packaging, and found out that it completely replaces boiled water during those times when I simply don’t have the time, am traveling, or am caught out and about and need to feed my baby. Bebi’s packaging said all the right things: it was completely sterile and hygienic water, the packaging was not only free of BPA but was also recyclable, and each bottle had its own teat. I bought several for our airplane ride and hoped for the best.

We were taking a domestic flight, and there was no issue whatsoever in getting through security with the Bebi bottled water in my nappy bag. One hurdle down, I thought as we waited to board our plane. Once we were settled, I remembered that when I was searching online, many mums suggested feeding the baby as we were taking off and ascending, as the swallowing would help the baby’s ears adapt to the changing pressure. Time to put these bottles to the test!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. All I had to do was unscrew the cap, remove the seal, drop in my formula powder, replace the cap, and the sterilized teat was ready to go! My daughter fed from the Bebi bottle just as she would normally, and ended up falling asleep for the remainder of our flight. Other passengers were even complimenting us on what a well-behaved baby we had. Now I know why so many other mums were raving over using bottled water for infant formula on a plane. It really got our holiday off to a great start!