An Open Letter

At Bebi, we are parents, friends, mums, dads, sisters, brothers and people that genuinely care.

We are a small Australian company dedicated to providing a range of feeding solutions for infants and parents on the go. The company was founded 12 years ago and along the journey we have personally spoken to many thousands of parents about our products.

The first concern many parents have is the pressure they feel to do the ‘right thing’ for their baby from both qualified professionals and well-meaning friends and family and people in the community. The second concern that we hear is the overall lack of quality information from any one source as there are so many different views on how parents should feed their infants.

The vast majority of the feedback we get is supportive and complementary about our product whether it be the Bebi infant suitable water or infant fruit drinks. Most people seem to understand that Bebi IS NOT promoting our products as substitutes for breast milk and that our products are recommended for infants over 6 months of age, a time when parents are often trying to introduce their child to new feeding experiences.

We at Bebi are firm supporters that breast is always best, however, we have identified a need in the community for the travelling parent, the feeding challenged infant or the constipated child that just needs to have more fluids, and we have selected the best available, organic ingredients to provide a high quality and innovative product for our customers.

Bebi also understands that many health professionals have a wide variety of issues concerning the welfare of infants, whether it is sugar intake, dental care, speech pathology, obesity or flow rate and teat shapes.

As a company Bebi has done twelve years of research in this area. We know that sometimes infants just need a drink. That’s why we made our infant suitable water and organic fruit drink range for infants over 6 months of age. Our fruit drink is low in sugar (less than 4% per 100ml) and all of the sugar comes naturally from the organic juice that we mix with treated filtered water which is pasteurized for even greater protection.

We have carefully considered all aspects of our packaging, which is fully recyclable and contains no BPA, Phylates, Nitrosamines or Siloxanes.
We think it is also worth pointing out that:

Ultimately we understand and respect that different people make different choices about their lives and about how they feed their infants. If you have any further queries, or would like to provide us with feedback about our products please email us at

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Kind Regards

The Team
Bebi Australia Pty Ltd