Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day Easier

Organic Infant Juice: How Bebi Made My Hectic Day A Little Easier

Before I had my baby, I thought my life as a stay at home mum would leave me with plenty of time to get my errands done. With visions of my curly-haired, happy toddler in my arms, we blissfully completed grocery shopping, doctor visits, and hair appointments. I’m sure you know by now, but the reality is that some days, it’s incredibly difficult to juggle productivity and a toddler all at once! One day last week, I managed to schedule myself with several errands for one afternoon. We were already running late for our first appointment, a check-up with our paediatrician. I quickly restocked my nappy bag and headed out the door.

Organic Infant Juice Saves The Day!Baby Travel Drinks

As it turns out, we weren’t the only mums on the run that day. The paediatrician’s waiting room was packed with other mums and tots waiting for their turn, and my little guy quickly tired of the book and toy I had with me. His crankiness was getting to the point where I wondered if I should reschedule, but then I remembered the Bebi organic infant juice my best friend (and fellow mum!) had given me to put in my bag.

Well, all I can say is how quickly my toddler’s complaints turned to a happy face. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to just pass him the bottle of organic infant juice after I took off the security seal. It even came with a ready-to-drink teat. Talk about convenient! And he just loved the Apple and Banana flavour. Another of the mums in the waiting room asked me about it, and I admitted that this was the first time we were trying organic baby juice. We pulled out the other bottle I had in my nappy bag, and were happy to see that there was no sugar added, the water was pre-filtered, and I could even recycle the packaging. With all of the running around we do, Bebi organic infant juice is now something I make sure I restock before each outing!

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