The Best Baby Formula Water: A Simple Dining Out Solution!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water For A Relaxing Family Dining Experience

There used to be a time when dining out at our favourite restaurant was as much a part of our weekly routine as taking out the garbage or going to the supermarket. The waiters knew us by name and week after week my husband and I would slide into the same booth, casually glance over the menu, and ultimately order our “usual.” Then our son came along and dining out became a luxury of the past. We tried to make it work, but soon learned that dining out with an infant is something akin to getting a root canal. Okay, perhaps that’s a little extreme, but it can be very unpleasant to say the least!Infant Water Drink

With limited options to keep our little one entertained and absolutely no practical way to safely prepare our son’s formula at the restaurant, we had all but given up on our epicurean adventures — adding dining out to the long list of past pleasures that would have to be put on the backburner for the time being. Then one day during a business lunch, I spotted a mum across the room mixing her baby’s formula right at the table! It took all the will power I could muster to stay focused on business for the remainder of lunch, as I was desperate to find out the name of that intriguing little bottle of water that seemed to so easily mix with the baby formula. Eventually, I found an opportunity to excuse myself and eagerly approached that genius mum to learn her secret. She told me about a range of infant water called Bebi, claiming it was the best baby formula mixing water available. To be honest, I was sold before she even finished explaining how it works, but I decided to check it out for myself — and I’m so glad I did!

With all the steps involved in properly preparing infant formula — boiling and cooling the water, sterilising the bottles and teats — I thought there was no way I could ever prepare a bottle on the go. But Bebi infant water makes it so easy. The water has already been filtered, pasteurised and sterilised; plus, a sterile hospital-grade teat is included, so all I have to do is add in the formula and it’s ready to go. They even include a water indicator level on the side of the bottle to ensure that you have the exact amount of water needed for your baby’s specific brand of formula.

Best of all, we’re no longer stranded at home during feeding time. Not only has Bebi proven to be the best baby formula mixing solution to our dining out problem, but they also offer delicious organic fruit juice drinks that our son has also grown to love as well. Now we’re back to our weekly tradition of dining out, but this time as a happy party of three!

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