Sterilised Baby Drinking Water: Conquer Bacteria With Ease!

Purified Baby Drinking Water: Say Goodbye To Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria are an unavoidable part of our daily lives. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, driving in the car, or just hanging out at home, you will come into contact with countless varieties of bacteria each day — no matter how many antibacterial soaps and hand wipes you use! And when it comes infants, mums will do everything they can to protect their children from those pesky little micro-organisms. Frequent hand washing — check! Shopping buggy covers and incessant warnings to keep hands out of mouths — check and check! But there’s one area that often gets overlooked when it comes to safeguarding our babies against harmful bacteria — the water your baby is drinking. This includes the water you use to mix with your child’s baby formula.Infant Water Drink

Know What Your Baby Is Drinking — Boil Your Water Or Choose Filtered And Sterilised Infant Water!

Many mums are unaware of the risk of mixing their baby’s infant formula with tap water or even bottled water. To avoid the risk of serious bacterial infections, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends cleaning and sterilising all feeding equipment, boiling the water you intend to mix with your baby’s formula (even if it’s bottled water), and then letting the water cool for up to 30 minutes before adding the powdered formula. That’s a lot of work for one bottle, but mums the world over do it several times a day just to protect their little ones!

Unfortunately, life is hectic and schedules don’t always allow for such an extensive preparation process — especially if you have other children to take care of! That’s where Bebi infant water drink comes into the picture. With Bebi water, you know your baby is drinking water that has already been filtered, sterilised, and pasteurised for you. This means it is ready-to-drink or safely mix with infant formula at home or on the go. Best of all, no boiling and cooling is required. Bebi has done the work for you by removing all of the harmful bacteria from the water to ensure your child’s safety and save time in your busy day! It also comes in a convenient BPA-free container with a sterile infant teat and can be stored at room temperature, so it is fully ready to go at a moment’s notice. Pack a few bottles in your nappy bag along with your favourite brand of baby formula and you can easily take on the day’s tasks without worrying about the challenges of finding safe baby drinking water while away from home!

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