Infant Water: A Timesaving Solution For Mums With Allergies

Infant Water: Helping Busy Mums Make It Through Spring Allergy Season

I used to think there was nothing better than springtime in Australia — surfing, touring the wineries, enjoying the beauty of the vibrant wildflowers lining the streets. But after developing horrendous seasonal allergies as an adult, my love affair with spring sadly came to a screeching halt. The same picturesque foliage that once gave me such joy now brings me nothing but sneezing and itching! Factor in the responsibilities of being a working mum and spring is now a dreaded time of year in my home.Infant Water Drink

Like so many mums out there, I have dishes to wash, conference calls to attend, and several little mouths to feed; so when allergy season arrives it makes completing the tasks of the day that much harder. This means I’m constantly on the lookout for shortcuts and timesaving tips — pretty much anything that can help me make it through the day. But when it came to preparing my daughter’s infant formula, I was always under the impression that there were no shortcuts to be found, simply no getting around the labour-intensive process of boiling the water, allowing it to cool, and sterilising the bottles and teats.

Until recently, I was completely clueless about the wonderful world of ready-to-mix infant water. Then one day my neighbour stopped by for a visit and found me standing over the stove, frantically boiling water and sterilising teats while enduring an endless stream of sneezes. For a moment, she stared at me as if I was from another planet and then she uttered a phrase that changed everything, “You know, you could make things a lot easier on yourself if you just used Bebi infant water”. She then explained to me how Bebi infant water is already sterilised and ready to mix with any brand of baby formula — perfect for those tiresome allergy-ridden days when I need a little relief! Plus, it’s super handy for feedings on the go, whether at the park or on holiday. As a working mum of three, I often wonder how I ever survived allergy season without it. So here’s my message to all the mums out there battling seasonal allergies — give Bebi infant water a try, as quickly as you can! It can’t alleviate your allergy symptoms, but it can certainly make your day a lot easier at a time when you need it the most.

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