Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: Simple Lunchtime Solutions!

The Best Baby Formula Mixing Water: A Working Mum’s Secret To A Lunchtime Picnic With Baby

Going back to work after I had my son was one of the hardest things I ever had to do — short of giving birth to him! For weeks after my return I would stare at his adorable little photo on my desk throughout the day, fighting back the tears. Everyone told me it would get better with time, and it has; but I still think about him often throughout the day and miss him terribly! His grandma (my dear Mum) even tried to surprise me once with a lunchtime picnic. While it was very thoughtful, without proper means of preparing his infant formula, we were left with a very hungry screaming baby and a stressed and disappointed mum — not exactly my idea of a fun, lunchtime getaway! They ended up leaving after a mere 15 minutes and I was even sadder than before they arrived. So we agreed to keep work and home separate by refraining from any more lunch dates until he was off the bottle.Infant Water Drink

So you can imagine my surprise a few months later when I looked up from my desk around the noon hour and saw my son’s beautiful, drool-covered smile staring back at me! Initially excited, but then remember the horror of our previous attempt, I gave my Mum a quick “what’s going on here?” sort of glance. And that’s when she pulled a small container of water out of the nappy bag and handed it over to me. It was a bottle of Bebi infant suitable water, which she had heard through the ‘grandma grapevine’ that was the best baby formula mixing water on the market. Funny, I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Amazed, I watched as she opened a bottle of Bebi infant water, scooped out a bit of the powdered infant formula, and mixed it together right there in my office — no sterilisation or boiling required. The helpful folks at Bebi have already done all the hard work for you! They even include a sterile, hospital grade infant teat, so it’s super easy for your baby to drink it right out of the container once it’s mixed. Before I knew it, we were eating our sandwiches and my son was happily drinking his formula — the perfect lunchtime retreat for a working mum!

Thanks to Bebi, lunchtime picnics are now a regular, once-a-week event; and as a working mum, who misses my boy dearly, this is simply the best! Baby formula preparation no longer means my son is confined to the home during feeding time. With the ability to prepare formula anytime and anywhere, it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for fun and adventure! I even told some the other office mums about Bebi water and we’re now planning an office-wide mum and baby lunchtime play date!

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