Baby Travel Drinks Simplify The Flying Experience For Mums

Baby Travel Drinks: Making Air Travel Easier For Jet Set Mums and Tots

This week, a guest post from one of our Bebi Mum?s, Caroline in Sydney ‘Before I had my son, I travelled quite often on business; and after years of experience with overhead luggage bins, recycled air, and less than stellar travel companions, I felt confident that I could easily tackle my first venture on an aeroplane with my one-year-old son. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Let’s just say there was baby vomit flying in all directions, an ill-timed onslaught of dirty nappies, and loads of crying from the both of us. By the time it was over, I was convinced I would never set foot on an aeroplane again. I figured I could get used to the idea of being a hermit if it meant I could permanently avoid the nightmare of flying with a toddler. But one thing happened between then and now that convinced me to lift my ban on air travel — I discovered the BebiĀ® range of baby travel drinks. My son adores their organic infant juice and purified water. Plus, we use them all the time when we’re on the go at home, so I thought just maybe it might make a difference on our next airborne adventure.Baby Travel Drinks

So one year after that awful first voyage, we packed our bags, headed to the airport, and gave it one more shot — grandma’s house here we come! Miraculously, it was a much smoother experience; thanks in part to those handy little Bebi baby travel drinks. They’re completely ready-to-drink, and come in a BPA-free container with a sterilised, hospital grade infant teat; so all you have to do is open it and hand it over to your thirsty tot! I even convinced the flight attendant to sneak a Bebi white grape organic juice (my son’s favourite) onto her cart, so he could choose one for his in-flight beverage. He got so excited when he spotted the container sitting on the cart! I’m currently trying to convince the airline to offer Bebi baby travel drinks in-flight; but until then, I’ll continue to pack plenty in my carry-on luggage.

The flight was a triumph in my book and the beginning of many more exciting trips to come! We even had the opportunity to help out another mum in distress. When I noticed a panicked mum seated a few rows back with a hungry baby and no means to mix her baby formula, I quickly came to the rescue with a bottle of Bebi infant water. She simply mixed in the infant formula, and her baby was calm within minutes — another nightmare averted!’