Baby Drinking Water: Encouraging Toddlers To Keep Hydrated

Baby Drinking Water: Get Your Child Excited About Staying Hydrated

From the moment babies begin to crawl and take their first steps, they often have a fascination with water that parents find hard to resist. Kids just seem to love anything that has to do with water — swimming, playing in the sprinkler, going to the beach, and those playful bedtime bubble baths! From the first dip in a swimming pool to baby’s first bath in the big tub, those waterborne adventures definitely make for some unforgettable memories and adorable photos! But as much as most kids enjoy playing in the water, it can sometimes be another story when it comes to drinking water. While some infants and toddlers naturally enjoy drinking water, others may need a little extra nudge — and that’s okay! If you’re looking for new, creative ways to keep your child hydrated after a long afternoon of running and playing, Bebi baby drinking water and organic fruit juice drinks are a great option.

Why Kids And Mums Love Bebi Baby Drinking Water And Organic Juice DrinksInfant Water Drink

If you’re the mum of an active child (6 months or older), you likely understand the challenges of getting a toddler to slow down long enough for a quick drink of water! After all, when it’s playtime either indoors or outdoors, the last thing on most children’s minds is stopping to take a drink. But many mums have found a helpful solution in Bebi drinking water. Mums adore these convenient drinks because they are completely purified, sterilised and ready-to-go. With BPA-free containers and a hospital grade infant teat, giving your child their daily dose of H20 has never been easier. Just pack a few containers along with you, wherever you’re heading, and it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can even mix Bebi baby drinking water with your child’s brand of formula for quick and easy feedings while at the park or swimming pool.

Best of all, kids love Bebi’s delicious range of drinks just as much as mums do — from the cute little animals pictured on the container to the yummy flavours of diluted organic fruit juice. Who knows, you just may find your toddler a little more agreeable to stopping playtime just for a moment to grab a quick drink!