Water For Babies To Drink: The Freedom To Pack Less!

Convenient Water For Babies To Drink: A Simple Solution To Over Packing

Like many mums out there, I have a very real and problematic habit — over packing! Don’t get me wrong, this has been going on for years, long before I was a mum. Does three suitcases for a two-day weekend holiday sound familiar to anyone? However, having a baby has taken this problem to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether we’re taking a quick run down the road to the supermarket or an overnight stay at grandma’s house, I seem determined to pack the entire home along with us. I never realised the extent of my awful habit until one day when my 8-month old daughter and I were scheduled to meet a friend for a quick lunch date — and it was clear I needed an intervention of some sort.

Infant Water DrinkAs I scrambled to gather everything on my checklist, my friend arrived at my front door and what she saw upon walking into my home was clearly a shock. There I stood, nappy bag open on the table with a ridiculous assortment of what I considered “crucial items”, some more deserving of this title than others. First, there were the non-negotiable items like nappies, sterilised bottles and teats, bottled water, formula, sippy cups, juice bottles and extra baby clothes. Followed by things like first aid kits, towels, batteries, toothbrushes, and the odd bottle of shampoo or disinfectant spray — you know, “just in case”. Might I remind you that I have just one child? Okay, so clearly I needed help! And that’s when I discovered the BebiĀ® line of organic infant juice and water for babies to drink, or mix with formula, and began to turn things around.

How Bebi Water For Babies To Drink Helped Me Kick My Overpacking Habit!

You see, the great thing about bad habits is sometimes it only takes one small step to set you on the right path, and for me that small step came courtesy of Bebi! Not only is Bebi infant water purified and pasteurised, but it also comes in a ready to drink BPA-free container with a sterilised hospital-grade infant teat — which makes it perfect for mixing with my baby’s formula! Plus, my daughter loves their organic infant juice drinks, also conveniently designed to drink on the go. So I swapped out all those bottles, teats, sippy cups and juice bottles for just a few containers of Bebi infant water drink and infant fruit juice. Once I realised that I didn’t have to load up all that feeding equipment every time we left the house, the sense of freedom I felt inspired me to gradually cut back on packing all those other non-essential items — bye bye batteries and disinfectant spray! So I urge all of you over packing mums out there to give Bebi a try. It’s a win-win situation: safe water for babies to drink and a significantly lighter nappy bag!