Baby Drink: A Simple Way To Conquer The Waiting Room!

Baby Drink: A Mum’s Solution To The Waiting Room Blues

Waiting rooms — just thinking about them makes me cringe! I have long been of the opinion that almost nothing good can possibly come of a room designed specifically for waiting. If they’re not brimming with screaming children, then they’re often filled with sneezing and sniffling adults — not exactly my idea of a good time. Factor in your own anxious (and possibly sick) child and a visit to the doctor’s office can leave you with a massive headache!

Infant Water DrinkThankfully, I have amassed a few tips and tricks to make the time pass as painlessly as possible. If you want to keep your child occupied while in the waiting room, planning in advance is crucial. Be sure you have plenty of books and toys tucked away in your nappy bag — and always have a convenient, tasty baby drink on hand. Sounds really simple, right? Like one of those solutions that is just too good to be true? That’s what I thought until the day my daughter took her first drink of a Bebi baby drink while very impatiently waiting at her paediatrician’s office.

The sounds of coughing and sneezing filled the air and my daughter was whining incessantly as she uncomfortably squirmed on and off my lap, her impatience growing by the second. That’s when I remembered the Bebi Apple Banana organic infant juice drink I had purchased a few days prior. We hadn’t tried one yet, but since they are ready-to-drink I had tucked one away in the nappy bag for a time when I might need it. That time had come! I retrieved the drink, handed it to my daughter, and watched in amazement as she stopped fidgeting, cuddled up next to me and began drinking it. And when she was done, she had a blast checking out the adorable little monkey character on the bottle — before we knew it, the nurse had finally called her name!

So my advice to all the mums out there braving the waiting room trenches? Don’t leave home without a Bebi baby travel drink! It may not solve all of your waiting room woes, but it can go a long way in calming and soothing your ailing tot. And if you’re the mum of a small infant, you can even buy Bebi infant water¬†drink¬†that is ready to mix with any type of formula for feedings on the spot — now there’s a trick I wish I had known about when my daughter was a newborn!