Safe Baby Drink: Your Key To A Successful Day At The Museum!

Safe Baby Drink: A Mum’s Guide To Surviving A Day At The Museum!

As the wife of an art teacher, I’m no stranger to the local art museums — and neither is my 2-year old son! Art-related adventures have become such an integral part of our family dynamic that I can hardly imagine life without them. Of course, we quickly learned that what was previously a simple, easy-going trip to the museum, had now become a much more complicated affair with an infant in tow. We had a lot to learn, and we had to learn it fast! The questions were endless. Is it possible to safely prepare infant formula on the go? How can we find a safe baby drink to keep him happy and hydrated while taking in all those vibrant paintings and sculptures? In time, we solved both of those problems — thanks to a super convenient and safe infant drink made by Bebi (more on that later)!

Infant Water DrinkAs the school holidays approach, you may be contemplating an educational journey to the local art museum. But if you happen to be the mum of both school-age children and an infant or toddler, the logistics of your visit are bound to become a bit more difficult. So allow me to share with you two of the most important tips I’ve picked up along the way:

– Pack A Convenient, Safe Baby Drink: While infants love the vibrant colours and patterns of the paintings, they’re generally not so keen on learning the difference between abstract expressionism and baroque art. So be sure to pack a few toys and a safe baby drink to keep them occupied if need be. Bebi offers an amazingly convenient line of ready to drink infant water and organic fruit drinks that have been invaluable to us during our museum outings. You can even mix your baby formula directly into the bottle of Bebi infant water for a safe and easy feeding on the go! Just be sure to check the museum’s policy on outside food and drink. If it isn’t allowed, find out if there are designated areas, indoors or outdoors, where you are allowed to feed your infant or give your toddler a quick drink to quench his thirst!

– Do Your Research: Many art museums are quite large, with extensive collections on display — much more art than even the most well-behaved infant could possibly observe in one day! Do yourself a huge favour and check out the museum’s website ahead of time. That way you can pinpoint the works of art you most want to see, and plan your visit accordingly. Trust me, this can be a huge timesaver! And if you do find yourself lost in a seemingly endless maze of Ancient Greek art, just pull out one of those handy little Bebi drinks to keep your little one happy and hydrated!

Bottom line, a trip to the art museum is a great way to have fun and stimulate your toddler’s brain. And with the help of a little advanced planning, as well as a convenient, safe baby drink, your little Picasso will be well on his way to his first masterpiece!

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