Baby Formula Solutions: Camping With Infants Made Easy!

Baby Formula In The Great Outdoors: A Mum’s Solution To Camping With Infants

As a family, we’ve always loved camping. Every year during the school holidays, we would pack our sleeping bags and tents and head for the great outdoors! Each adventure brought with it amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. So naturally, when I started a family of my own, I was determined to carry on the family tradition! After one failed attempt when my son was 6 months old, it looked as though our camping days would have to wait until he was off the bottle. Safely preparing and storing baby formula, while also keeping a curious infant from ingesting wild plants, was just far too difficult to manage.

Infant Water DrinkThen one day, while strolling through the baby aisle at Woolworth’s, a new product caught my attention. As I backed the buggy up and inspected a bottle of Bebi infant water drink, a light bulb illuminated in my head. I had finally found the solution to my camping problem! I knew I couldn’t mix baby formula with normal bottled spring water, as I remember the maternity ward nurse told me that it wasn’t recommended. But the label on the bottle of Bebi infant water stated that it was filtered, sterilised and ready to mix with any type of baby formula — no boiling and cooling required. It almost seemed too good to be true! All I have to do is mix the formula directly into the bottle of Bebi water and it’s ready to go? Sign me up! Plus, I wouldn’t even have to worry about baby teats because the Bebi water already includes a sterile, single use teat. It was as if these clever Bebi people had read my mind! I quickly filled my buggy with 10 bottles and rushed home to start planning our next adventure.

A few weeks later, we completed our first successful camping trip as a family — thanks to those amazing little bottles of Bebi water! We used a few bottles for feedings during the journey, and the rest while exploring in the wilderness. I simply kept a tin of baby formula on hand at all times and slipped a bottle of Bebi water in my inner jacket pocket for 20 minutes before preparing the formula, to get the water up to body temperature — pretty smart, right? After a fun, stress-free weekend holiday, we recycled all the bottles and teats and returned home with a renewed sense of freedom. Best of all, the family tradition lives on!

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