Infant Water: How To Prepare Baby Formula

Infant Water: What You May Not Know About Preparing Formula

I’m a relatively new mum, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. And while I know that breastfeeding is best for my baby, for us, it simply wasn’t an option. Once I got through the initial sleep deprivation weeks (which I don’t really remember!) we got into a pretty good routine, and I started feeling comfortable taking my baby out and about. My confidence has really grown, and I feel well informed to handle almost any baby-related task that comes up at this point.

Bebi Drinks Now Helps Me Prepare My Baby’s Formula With Ready Infant Water

So you can imagine my surprise when I happened upon an article about safely mixing infant formula in a magazine one day – and learned that I had been doing it incorrectly all along! The truth is, I nearly skipped over the article at first glance. After all, I could prepare a bottle of formula in my sleep! In fact, I’m quite certain I have given a number of feedings while still in a state of slumber. Is sleep-feeding a real phenomenon? Anyhow, I realised that you have to sterilise the bottle and teats, and boil the water before mixing in the formula; but I was positively stunned to learn that you’re also supposed to cool the water completely before mixing it with the formula!

As it turns out, the elevated temperature of the water actually diminishes the vitamins in the formula. If you don’t cool the water first, your baby will miss out on tons of vital nutrients for their growth and development. How could it be that I’m just learning this now, after 7 years as a mum and three babies?! Then I began to wonder how many other mums out there were also unaware of this important fact.

Because we’re often out running errands, I started looking for a quick and convenient way to help me make my baby’s formula and still give him the full nutrients. That’s when I found Bebi Drinks. They offer this infant suitable water, which is already sterilised and is sold at room temperatures. It comes in individual bottles, and each bottle has its own sterilised teat on it already! It really couldn’t get any easier, because now I can just mix my formula wherever I am with Bebi infant water, and feed it right to my baby. Not only is it a lot less time consuming, but I can feel sure that the baby formula isn’t at all diminished in nutrients or vitamins that are so important to my growing kiddo. Now, if only potty training could be this easy!

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