Baby Drinks: The Perfect Ingredient for Every Family Picnic

This week our guest blogger Karen talks about her families recent experience with the Bebi water:

“It was one of those Saturdays. Sun shining, nothing on the calendar except the odd grandparent, and the overwhelming desire to eat some delicious food. What better way to combine all these assets than by having a picnic in the park? So it was a quick jaunt to the shops to get the customary pies, strawberries, champagne and Bebi Organic Water, then pack up the kids with all their necessities, fill the hamper and get everyone out the front door.

It’s great when you don’t have to take the car anywhere, no screaming, no sweating, no ‘are we there yet?’, and a full day to enjoy the sun. So without trepidation the day was shaping up to be a success.

The park was a buzz with a sense of optimism, everyone enjoying the good weather. Children laughed, footballs flew, cricket bats swung as crickets chirped. Settling down on a spare patch of grass, everything seemed so beautiful, and I reminded myself how lucky we were to live in Australia.

As a mum, the thought of feeding everyone is always a lingering thought.

Wait. No time for those thoughts. A cricket team is assembled and some baby formula has to be quickly mixed with Bebi Water, (so much easier than with milk with this baby drink!). Quick, run to catch the ball, missed. The runs are counted. At least baby is safe sucking at her first Bebi of the day, sterile and healthy, and grandma is cooing away. A ball goes long, dive and a fumble, dad isn’t going to be popular. Mum’s turn to bat and everyone comes in tight. Ethan throws, mum misses. The kids fall with laughter.

“Come on let’s eat” says someone and the goodies are laid out for everyone to tuck into. The bubbles is opened and for once there is no need to awkwardly feed the baby, to somehow heat milk, or breast-feed. A bottle is popped open; she is in her element sucking at the teat, taking in all the formula diluted with sterile, purified Bebi water. Even mum can relax and enjoy all the treats on offer and not worry about feeding the kids. They are all content, in their own worlds, with chocolates, cheeses and the toddler with his very own Bebi organic juice drink.

The kids are soon up and off again, to the swings, soaring through the air, throwing out their legs and propelling themselves back and forth. The youngest manages a crawl through the grass. Hopefully getting tired enough to guarantee a good nights sleep…

All in all, it’s one of those family days to treasure: sun, fun, relaxation and good food and drink. What a superb way to see out the autumn and intrepidly await the winter.

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