Safe Infant Water that Babies Can Drink

Can Babies Drink Water? The Top Concerns Of A New Mum

When your first baby arrives, everything is so new and scary. A brand new baby can seem so fragile to a first-time mum that it’s easy to become paralysed with fear. During your pregnancy, you probably purchased every how-to baby book you could find in the shops, many with differing claims as to what is right for your baby. And well-meaning relatives will be bombarding you with heaps of advice – whether you ask for it or not!

With so many do’s and don’ts to keep up with and safety issues to research, a new mum can get overwhelmed with questions. Can babies drink water? Is all this spit up normal? And most importantly, when will he sleep through the night?! Bebi may not be able to help with all your burning questions, but we can tell you that our ready to drink purified water and organic infant juices are safe for infants ages 6 months and up – and they’re super convenient, leaving you with more time to research all your baby-related questions!

One Of The Most Common New Mum Questions: Can Babies Drink Water?

Everyone has a different opinion about how to care for a baby. Between all the books, magazines, news articles, and words of advice from friends and family, your head might be spinning by now! Sometimes, it helps to simply trust your maternal instincts and figure out what works best for you and your baby. For instance, if you decide to offer purified water to your infant, Bebi infant water drink is safe for babies 6 months and up and perfect for a busy new mum. It comes in a sterile, ready to drink container with a PoppetSafe cap – an ideal way to quench your little one’s thirst on the go! And thanks to the ready to use infant teat, you can even mix formula directly into the container for an on-the-spot, room temperature feeding wherever you might be. No matter what type of advice you receive and which pieces you choose to take to heart, one thing is for sure – a new mum needs all the help she can get when it comes to convenience!

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