Ready To Drink Baby Water: Safe Formula Preparation

Ready To Drink Baby Water Helps Mums Be Confident About Safe Formula Preparation

When mums choose formula for their baby’s nutritional needs, convenience is great, but even more important is safety! That’s why even though taking the time to sterilise the bottles, the teat, and especially the water itself isn’t a chore to mums, it’s a necessity! What many mums may not be aware of, however, is that boiled water must cool completely before being mixed with formula powder. Not only does it take longer to wait for the cooling to complete, but if mums mix formula with uncooled water, many of the formula’s essential minerals and vitamins are denatured. What mum wouldn’t be disappointed that the nutritional value of formula can be so easily compromised?

Bebi’s Ready To Drink Infant Water Helps Ensure Safety And Nutritional Value

When mums are out and about with their little ones, they often want to bring a bottle of prepared formula along with them. It’s tempting to mix it while the water’s still hot, considering how hard it can be to get out the door with an infant. This isn’t a very good idea, unless mums want to leach out the nutrition from their babe’s main food source! Using a ready to drink baby water product, such as Bebi baby water, gives mums the confidence they’re looking for when they worry about the safety of their formula preparation. Not to mention, Bebi baby water comes in a BPA-free bottle, complete with a teat, mums can mix formula on the spot anywhere, and know that it’s completely safe!

Another good reason that ready to drink baby water reinforces safe formula preparation? Many infant formulas state that they should be consumed within an hour of being mixed, when in room temperature. Having Bebi water on hand when you’re out and about gives you the reassurance that you’ll never be without sterilised, safe water, and won’t be wasting costly formula. And what mum doesn’t want to cut a few steps from her already busy day, with sterilising the bottle, the teat, AND the water? Ready to drink baby water helps preserve the nutrition in your baby’s formula while saving mum time!

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