Baby Drinking Water: Making Your Day Easier

Simplifying A Day In The Life Of A Mum

Mums are busy these days. And we don’t mean busy running from yoga class to Starbucks to a late night movie. We’re talking actually busy! When you think about a day in the life of a typical mum, it’s hard not to think about all the places your baby’s bottle will travel in one short day and the difficulties this presents in terms of keeping it sterile.

Although the bottle may be clean when you leave the house, it can easily get dirty and become exposed to germs multiple times throughout your busy day. All it takes is a curious infant pulling it out of the nappy bag and just like that it falls to the ground and the lid pops off. Let’s suppose, for instance, that you’re able to avoid such accidents. That’s fantastic! But your baby’s bottle only remains sterile for a limited amount of time – even if the lid never comes off.

In addition to the challenges of keeping a sterile bottle for on-the-go feeds, there is also the problem of keeping formula cold and finding a way to warm it up when your baby is ready for it. Two problems that mums the world over would love to solve!

Make Baby Drinking Water A Part Of Your Daily Routine

So what’s a mum to do? The logistics of feeding time while away from home is possibly the biggest obstacle of a mum’s day. And as any mum will tell you, babies do not wait until feeding is convenient for you. When they’re ready to eat, you better be ready too! But that doesn’t mean you have to plan every minute of your day around your infant’s feeding time.

Infant water drinks packaged in a sterile, ready-to-drink container can make a world of difference in a typical day! Whether you’re looking to safely mix in infant formula or offer your child a refreshing drink of purified water, Bebi drinks are the perfect solution because they include a single use hospital grade infant nipple that remains sterile up until the minute you’re ready to use it. And when you mix in the formula on the spot, it will already be at room temperature – problem solved! When you leave home for the day, just bring your can of formula and a few bottles of Bebi baby drinking water and you’ll be ready to feed your baby no matter where you might be when duty calls!

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