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Sterile Baby Drink and Our Action Mum

This week we have a guest post from one of our Bebi fans:

‘School runs, little sleep, doctors appointments, christenings, birthday parties. It’s hectic being a mum, really hectic. For the first time in my life I have to be this busy. Before I could kind of choose. I was busy but because I liked to be busy, because doing things was more fun than not doing things. When you’re a mum doing things is essential and hopefully still fun.
Baby Travel Drinks
Juggling three children and a part-time job means anything that makes life that little bit simpler is more than welcomed. So, when a friend introduced me to Bebi Organic Fruit Juice I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t cope with a bottle of cordial and water, I had done without a sterile baby drink thus far and life was hectic enough without taking on clever new solutions anyway. But a little bottle of juice can do a lot to take away one of the daily stresses of being a mum. My friend explained about the system, the poppet safe teat, and what exactly a BPA-free product was. So then, on my friend’s advice, I gave it a go.

I’m already sure my youngest loves it, as she never complains when having a drink now, and it has made life that little bit simpler. I can just open up a bottle, pass it on and know she will be content. No mixing it up, no keeping the top clean it; this has been the best part of it for me, being sterile right up until use. I know I can throw them around, put them anywhere handy in my buggy, and they will still be clean for when and where she needs to quench her little thirst buds.

I hadn’t really considered the flavours until my husband commented that white grape sounded quite an unusual one. So, in that quiet time I occasionally get when the eldest are at nursery/school and my littlest is happily snoozing, I did some research. Learning about the health advantages of white grape added to my endearment towards these little bottles. My youngest has never suffered from colic but my first child did, and its made me think how much easier first-time motherhood would have been with a sterile baby drink product like this on the market.

All my babies have loved breast-feeding, and my newest still does. Only problem is having a job means I’m not always around for feeding time and my husband sometimes has a hell of a job getting her to drink microwaved milk. Who would suspect such a young person could have such discerning taste buds? But reports from the home front have suggested she is always inclined towards the new drinks, making my husband more than happy to play house dad than he has previously.

With all these positive experiences, I can’t wait to see the impact these little bottles of juice have on our first holiday as a family of five: it will be great if it makes sorting drinks out for the little ones easier. Fingers crossed!’.

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