Smarter Happier Babies

Bebi‘s goal is to make mums and babies happy – that’s why we make such a great product for the both of you. Research suggests that happiness, along with all the obvious benefits, can free you up an hour a day. So happiness also saves you time! What a great notion: the two things we are all searching for can actually be found together!

We are also parents and grandparents, so we know all about how the happiness of the smallest family member can make all the others much happier too. Research also suggests the happier the baby, the smarter they will become. So all we need do is make the household as happy as possible, and our little ones will grow cleverer as well. And here’s a few ways we can do just that:

Breastfeeding may just come across as a necessity, but if you keep it up past 6 months your baby can be smarter, potentially up to 10 points smarter on an IQ test.

Another thing breastfeeding improves is hand-to-eye coordination – when you think about it, it’s logical and so simple. And we all know breast-feeding tends to keep baby happiest. That seemingly selfish act of demanding food really is one of the easiest and most productive ways for you and your baby to develop a great relationship. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of ways for dad to connect with his infant also. For a start, he could be in charge of non-breast-feeding feeding. He’s the one to support your baby and let them suckle instead on a Bebi Organic Fruit Juice – it’s time for you to take a break and enjoy a little bit of that free time we’ve been writing about.

You may be feeling that feeding whenever your infant starts to cry or giving them constant attention may make them too reliant.  However, research suggests actions such as not feeding your baby when they are clearly hungry has a detrimental influence, releasing hormones that cause stress, and impacting on your baby’s neurological development.

The other key to development and happiness, according to parenting expert Pinky Mckay, is movement and communication. By movement we mean playing, dancing, cuddles and massages. These help develop balance and the senses. By communication we mean eye contact, reading, talking, and even singing. These will develop your infant’s own communication skills, language and rhythms of speech. Again, it’s simply down to hormones being released into the brain – it’s just this time they are positive hormones.

So, when we talk about happiness, think about more than just a smile. Consider everything that your baby is interacting with and how these can affect development. Remember, baby happiness equals family happiness and greater intelligence. Giving all your love will reap rewards – and there really can be no greater reward than watching your children grow up healthy and happy.

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