Coping on the Plane

Infant travel drink and the key to a happy flight

We’ve all seen babies on planes sleeping peacefully. So, what are the problems with taking your toddlers on flights? And what can you do to help your little ones enjoy their first flights?

Well, obviously babies can be noisy, and there are bodily functions that are harder to deal with in a crowded plane cabin than in the comfort of your own home. But really, it’s not that difficult to fly with your baby.

Baby Travel Drinks

One way to make it easier for you is to focus on the destination: Remember, you are going on holiday; it’s going to be amazing! Think about the sun, the mountains, the beach, whatever it is you are jetting off for, keep it in mind and you’ll soon be there.

Now, while your infant may not take up a whole load of physical space, they can still fill the air with a lot of noise – especially in a sleepy cabin. So, pack some toys they can fiddle with in their seat – but not ones that make lots of noise, obviously. Getting the seats with extra legroom can help as well, giving you some personal floor space for your legs and travel toys. A Bebi organic fruit juice, with its hospital grade sterile teat, is a great way to provide your baby healthy fluids, and definitely helps reduce the volume if they are crying.

Pressure can definitely be an issue on take off and landing. It can affect anyone, including your child. One piece of advice suggests you ask for plastic cups and cover your infant’s ears. Another way to help with pressure is to feed them; swallowing and sucking helps all of us, and it’s very natural for infants to do this anyway.

And when it comes to making up an infant travel drink when flying, forget it. The best thing you can do is use our ready-to-drink infant suitable fruit drinks. Devised for children from six months, they are pre-diluted with purified filtered water, and BPA-free.

Another thing to consider is which airline to fly with. How a carrier accommodates children might change your ideas on who you fly with. Look for those that provide baby bassinettes on request – some airlines even reserve the bulkhead seats for passengers with infants. We’ve even spotted one airline that allows parents to bring child car seats on board if the child is too heavy for the bassinette. Good thinking.

There are a lot of new things to consider when taking your infant into the sky for the first time. But there’s no real reason to worry: keep them happy and you will keep fellow passengers happy too.

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