Baby Travel: Fly with Bebi

Every time we fly, and we are reminded of the strict rules of airports. No sharp instruments, no leaving baggage and the relatively new restricted liquids rule. But at least as a busy parent you don’t have to worry so much about this issue when it comes to keeping your infant hydrated on a long flight.

Generally speaking, airport security around the world has clocked on that babies have special dietary requirements and the airlines aren’t likely to cater for them. On your part, it’s best to have a pre-mixed drink, saving the hassle of sorting this out on the go.

Flying with baby drinks still requires a bit of preparation however. The rules often stipulate you must keep these products separate from all other liquids you may have, sealed up in a 20cm x 20cm bag. So pack a smaller bag with all your infant products, which will fit in your hand luggage but can easily be kept separated. This way there should be no confusion.

U.S. custom officials aren’t allowed to make you test any infant products, although may in some way test it themselves. In the U.K. officials are entitled to a little more scrutiny and may in fact ask you to drink some of the baby product. In and out of Australia customs regulations state: ‘Baby products to be consumed in-flight including baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food in liquid, gel or paste form and wet wipes may be carried on board.’

Take what you think you’ll need and put the rest in the hold to save time and annoyance at the other end. You are encouraged to travel with only as much formula, breast milk, or juice in your carry-on needed to reach your destination. On domestic flights there is no liquid ban in place. Of course, every country has different rules about such limitations and exemptions; it’s just a matter of knowing what these are and adjusting to them to keep the airline happy, just as you need to keep your infant happy.

So, remember next time you fly to keep your Bebi Organic Fruit juice apart from the rest of your liquid products. By doing this you ensure you’ll be able to cater for your infant for the duration of the flight, keep them quiet and hydrated, and you know what you are giving them is always sterile, safe and tasty. PoppetSafe teats might just have found a new use, in curbing the pressure pain that often throbs through the ears by giving your little one something to suck on when taking off and landing.

Happy flying!

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