Organic Infant Juice

All fruit is natural, but not all fruit is organic. It’s easy enough to be attracted to a product by it’s organic labelling, but what’s the difference?

Well there are lots of differences when it comes to organic infant juice. First of all, it means the fruit is grown without the use of pesticides or man-made fertilizers, so in that sense it is more natural. These can seep into food, so it’s always best to keep your infant on the organic track to help get them off to a great start.

Baby Travel DrinksThe main plus with organic is you know exactly what’s in the product. If the label says organic, it’s not going to contain any nasties, it’s just going to have in it fruit juice and water. No additives, no preservative or colourings, just fruit and water. That’s why Bebi Organic Fruit Juice contains top quality fruits diluted with purified, filtered water. Devised to be practical and ready to use, they are refreshingly healthy but still tasty and really easy to use.

The packaging contains no BPA, and the Poppet safe teat is made from approved food grade materials and is silicone free.

Sustainability is another good reason to go organic. This encourages land to remain arable for years to come and so could ensure your child will have all the organic produce options we have, plus more.

Buying organic ensures your child is getting a great start in life, consuming only necessary, healthy produce without any additives – and if this helps the environment, even better!

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