BPA Free Baby Products

Thankfully, we now live in a health conscious age where learning about what we eat and drink is improving our lives. So, it’s easier then ever to check out what’s going into baby drinks. But to do this we need to better understand not just what should go into our toddlers’ drinks, but also learn to spot a few things that should not.

Whilst terms such as organic, filtered and purified are easy to understand, one term that isn’t always so obvious as to it’s meaning is BPA-free. So what are BPA free baby drinks? To answer this, we need to first ask, what is BPA?

Baby Travel DrinksBPA, or Bisphenol-A is a chemical used to make certain plastics and resins. These are products used in the packaging of many food types – most commonly plastic bottles and tins. It’s one of those little things we tend not to think about, but choosing BPA free products can make a big difference.

So why does your infant need BPA free baby drinks? Recent research suggests that BPA can seep out of the packaging into its contents, and that BPA is hazardous towards health, especially in infants. And that’s exactly why Bebi drinks use BPA free packaging.

Phthalates, Nitrosamines or Siloxanes. None of these features in Bebi infant drinks either, so you can rest assured our groundbreaking packaging has your child’s health top of the list. And we take it one step further: we use a teat/ nipple that’s made from FDA approved food grade material – more ┬áthis later.

As a busy parent, it’s reassuring to know you can trust a product because its been designed specifically around your child’s nutritional needs. And as for the content, there’s no compromise here either: organic juice, pre-diluted with filtered water; no added sugar; and absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Convenience is everything. And having a ready to drink product to hand in the car or out on a picnic is amazing. But never compromise on quality. We don’t.

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