Infant Drinks

There are many advantages to buying infant drinks. At first, you may wonder why they need to be different to any other drink. It’s simple: Infants have different needs to any other drinker so they deserve another drink.

And it’s not just about taste either; studies suggest white grape juice is easier to digest for infants – it may also assist with colic.

Another reason infant drinks need to be special is that you need to know exactly what’s in them. By looking for products that contain organic juices, you know that you’re providing only the most natural source of vitamins for your child.

Baby Travel DrinksKey to choosing infant drinks is convenience, so by choosing pre-diluted drinks you save yourself time and can keep on enjoying your busy life without having to stop and prepare them yourself.

So, insist on organic when it comes to the fruit juice content, and look not just for pre-diluted drinks, but especially those diluted with purified, filtered water. This eliminates the chance of any unwanted additives that may appear in tap water – chlorine etc.

Infants really don’t need any more sugar then the natural occurring sugars they get from organic juices, but they do have specific hygiene needs. By incorporating a single-use hospital grade sterile infant nipple, Bebi drinks stop the teat getting dirty between drinking sessions.

And as for artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, there really is no need for these to get anywhere near your baby, so don’t compromise – we don’t!

Great infant drinks are special because it they are designed with your child in mind – a tailor-made product for a very discerning consumer. It’s safety and health first, without compromising taste or flavour.

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